We finally fall in love!

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Introduction Hey Guys!! I am going to be doing fan fictions!! I really love doing these and everyday I will be doing chapters if I get a certain amount of reads! If you want me to make you an imagine just message me and I will try to do one for you!! Hope you guys like it!!!

Chapter 1 - Well hey there

Hey my name is Ally and this is my story on how I fell in love!!

I walked into school on Monday morning to find my bestest friend standing by my locker waiting patiently for me! I walk up to her and this is our conversation.

Me: Hey babe whats been going on?

Kate: (friend) Nothing just be really busy will dance. What about yourself?

Me: Nothing just been home doing nothing these past days.

Kate: Well I am having a get together tonight do you wanna come?

Me: Umm I dont know I will see

(Bell rings)

Me: Okay well I will catch ya after school.

Kate: Alrght by Ally.

Walking into Spanish.

I walked in and I was the last one to find a seat and I was looking around and I realized there was one seat left next to this boy. I was afraid to go sit there but I maned up and went over there. It was very quiet we didnt say anything. I didnt even see his face at all. I was afraid to say anything because I thought he wouldnt want me to sit there. Then right after that I felt a breeze beside me.

Guy: (turns to me) Hi

Me: (turns towards him) Well hi..........


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You guys can ask me any questions and I will write it!!!!

Oct 21, 2013 9:59pm

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