The Boy and the Magical Robot

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Introduction Based on a song by Vocaloid about a boy and his robot.

Chapter 1

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The creation of the robot was something that brought out the boy's existence.

It started on a day like no other, in a town which lay beneath a sturdy clock tower. People rushed about, some buying, some selling. Everybody was out early to get the freshest goods in the market before they were sold out.

However, in the bustling city, there was a small and quaint hut that distanced itself from the rest of the houses. In that hut lived a professor of old age and a small boy, aged seven. The boy loved to sing. Every day, he composed new songs and sang them in a soft, soft voice to himself.

The boy was very happy with the songs he had composed and he wanted to share them with the rest of the town. However, he was shy and cowardly and whenever he stood in front of a large crowd, his voice got stuck in his throat, and he felt heat rise to his face. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't sing.

The boy who liked singing like no other felt very sad. However, he did not give up. One day, as he was walking through town, on his way back to the hut, he saw a poster on a musical recital. 'I wouldn't be able to do it this year again,' the boy thought sadly. He trudged home, head down.

After that, the boy stayed up night after night to practice his singing in hopes to improve. The professor, the boy's father figure ,was worried about him and peeked in on the boy daily, occasionally finding him asleep on the table over his countless sheets of music.

The professor wanted to help the boy. He knew the boy had tried very hard over the years, and that he had the talent to succeed. He entered his lab, which was built underground, and stood there, thinking. He wanted to make a companion for the boy. One that would help him sing, that would be beside him forever.

Then it hit him. Something that could last forever..."A robot!" the professor shouted. He had no time to celebrate, though. He had to make haste, as the musical festival was just days away. He started work immediately. Gathering up the all the clay in the lab, he rolled the clay into a large ball...

Slowly, after sleepless nights, for the boy's sake, he had created a cute little robot. She had short hair that reached just to her cheeks and a pair of headphones supported her small clay made ears. A short-sleeved shirt that had two buttons at the chest reached till her knees and warm beady eyes looked up from where they were placed.

The professor did not stop there. He taught the songs that the boy had composed to the little girl, who embedded it into her memory. They spent the night going through each and every one of his songs.

The next morning, the professor introduced the girl to the boy, who looked awed at the sight of the moving clay form. "If you press here," the professor gestured to a button in a shape of a musical note on the right side of her headphones, " something would happen. Go on, press it."

The boy, still wide-eyed, curiously reached out a short arm to the girl, timidly pressing down on the button. Though it sounded a awkward, a voice rang out. 'Surely,surely it was reaching the boys
's heart as well,' the professor thought.

"Just teach her a melody and some lyrics and she would sing for you!" With that, the professor left the boy alone with the girl. "I will use my best voice to sing your songs!" the girl claimed, her voice sounding childish in comparison to the professor's. On that day, the boy gained a new friend, however lifeless.

The boy, after hearing the girl's touching song, was inspired. Till the day of the musical, he worked hard, composing more and more songs to find the perfect one for his new friend to sing. He hardly slept, and only ate the biscuits that the professor had brought up for him. The doll, however worried for her 'master' could only stare at him helplessly.

"She's a doll who sings oh so happily," the professor had said. Every time the boy composed a new song, he would introduce it to the girl, listening to her sing, and sometimes even singing along with her as he played the piano. Both were happy, friends brought together by music.

On the day of the musical recital, the boy led the girl up onto the stage, and started, feeling more confident with the doll next to him. "I want someone to hear the songs I've created," he said. The audience was shocked. Cries of, 'bringing out a machine? Don't screw with us!' could be heard.

Keeping an eye on the doll, the boy pressed timidly pressed the button. And then, though it sounded a but awkward, a voice echoed throughout the hall.It surely touched the heart of countless people as well, as it had touched the boy's.

Days of happiness passed by, with the boy spending most of his time with the doll, either composing music, or playing outdoors. It was for sure that the boy would grow up, while the doll would stay it's small size, forever that way.

Seemingly in the blink of an eye, many seasons passed and the boy became an adult as well. He had become a successful song writer, and was well-known throughout the whole town. He had an invitation to join in competitions, musicals compositions....the such. However each time he came back, the doll would be at the front door to welcome him.

"Always, those songs of yours, as I can remember them, though it still sounds a but mechanical, I'll sing them for you, even now, is it reaching your heart?"


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