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Introduction I type whatever comes to mind while writing a story.

Chapter 1 - Bus Driver on Crack

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On a cold spring morning in the Alps, a child was born. I've no idea who that was, but they were born. But this story is not about them, it is about a little girl. This girl has a father who works for a secret spy agency and thus always needs extremely expensive suits to match his job. One day, he dropped some of his tuna sandwich on his suit and needed to get it cleaned. His daughter volunteered to try and clean it, but ended up soaking it in a vat of melted cheese. As punishment, her father made her go to a public school. On her first day when riding the bus to school, she couldn't help but notice a smell coming from the air vent above her head. She broke it open, only to have over seventy-eight million dollars worth of crack rain down on her. The regular cops were busy playing with their brand-new hula hoops, so the Italian police came along with their lambos chased the bus. After many failed attempts, one of them managed to do a barrel roll, splitting the bus in two and making it rain crack on the entire city. Small children mistook it as snow, and as a result nearly all children in town were put into rehab. From the money earned, the people who work at rehab decided to buy a hot tub.

The end of story one...

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Ok I love this one. lol It's funny. Poor kids. Hey, well now they know never to do drugs again. lol Great job. :)

Nov 20, 2013 9:02am

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