Eternal Night

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Introduction This is a vampire story about a girl named Sasha, who turns into a vampire.

Chapter 1 - The begining

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On a cold October day, Sasha a normal and not so popular girl was on her way to school. She hated school and for good reason, a group of nasty girls were obsessed with making her life misserable. Her family moved to Vermont two years before and she still didn't quite fit in. She came from Canada and had loved it there, but with her father getting a great job offer, she was forced to move. She regularly tried playing sick or begging to stay home but her parents made her go. She hated everything about her new school, and she dreaded running into the clicky barbie dolls. They were always surrounded by the varsity football boys and the teachers favored them. They were make-up caked and had brand new designer clothes and diamond jewlery that cost more than Sasha's car. They were mean girls and they loved to humiliate people. They played mean tricks on other girls and they enjoyed bullying people. Sasha never did anything to the girls, but nobody ever did and nobody deserved their cruel treatments either. Sasha made it to school a few minutes early and saw them in the hall. They immediately started snickering and whispering and Sasha was sure they were talking about her or what their nasty plans were for the day. Sasha was having a terrible day already, and just wanted to be left alone. As she walked past them, they didn't say or do anything to her which was strange. She was puzzled as to why they left her alone that morning. She got to her locker and began unloading her backpack. Just as she looked up she saw a new girl coming down the hall. She looked to be a geeky type and she seemed very nervous. Not that Sasha could blame her, on being scared of this school. Just as the girl walked up to the group of bitchy girls, Sasha wanted to yell to the poor girl and warn her but she just didn't have the time. Before the girl even opened her mouth the leader of the girls slammed her fist into the geeky girls chest so hard that all of her things slammed to the floor along with the mousey brunette. Then if that was not bad enou

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No offense but the first part of your story is sort of like a tweaked version of Dork Diaries. Just the first part. Please don't get mad at me. Just giving you pointers ;)

Jan 7, 2014 2:51pm

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