You come home from work

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Chapter 1

You come home form work….your tired, and week…..had a long day…… you come into the kitchen and find me there….without saying a word, I give you a long and passionate kiss….still no words being said, I drop to my knees, lift your skirt ( your not wearing any panties) and start rubbing your clit. Because of the kiss your starting to get wet, and with me rubbing you, your really starting to get wet. I run my finger all around your clit, and start pushing harder every time I come around. You don’t say a word, just drop your head back, and enjoy. Once my finger is inside you, I pull all your wetness out and rub it on the outside of your lips. I lick my finger, look you in the eye, then drop my head, and start to lick your pussy…… before long, your right into it. It feels so good to you, your starting to feel week in the knees. I lift you up on the counter, spread your legs apart, and start running my tongue over your clit. Inserting my finger, I keep licking your clit. You drop your head back, and force your pussy deep into my face. Licking hard and fast, I curl my finger, so its rubbing on your g spot. Your dripping wet at this point, and it feels so good….. I leave my finger inside you, pull up and start kissing you deeply…. I unbutton your skirt, undo your shirt and slowly strip it off your body. I lead you backwards to the bathroom kissing you along the way. I leave you standing there for a second, as I fill the bath…… start to strip my clothing off, slowly, enjoying everything that you see. I slip into the bath, and lead you to sit in front of me. The water and bubbles feel so good on our skin. You feel my hard cock pushing into your back, and you have to turn to kiss me. As we are kissing, I get some soap on my hands, and start rubbing it on your chest. Making your nipples hard, I turn to lick them. I leave my one arm around you, feeling your sexy tits, and bring the other slowly down your stomach, then below the water line, to your pussy. We keep kissing, my one hand on your tits, and one rubbing your clit……I lean forward, and pull the plug on the tub. We keep going as the water runs away, and we are left naked in the tub……… I get up slowly, and you feel my hard cock ageist your back as I get up. I grab you by the hand, and lift you out of the tub. I dry you off, and lead you into the bedroom. We get to the edge of the bed, and I get you to lay on your chest, with your ass out at me. I get you to spared your legs far apart, and draw my fingers over your pussy. I take my hard cock in my hand and rub it over the outside of your pussy. I take my fingers, and spread your lips apart. I put my cock inside you, but not too deep. I have my hands on your hips and ride you soft and slow. You start pushing back on me, wanting me deeper inside you. I slid my hands off your hips, up your back and onto your shoulders. Grabing you hard, I pull you back on me and I drive my cock as far as I can. You turn your head to look at me, and I look you deep in the eyes, then close my own, as I start fucking you harder and harder. You take your head between your hands, and feel me fucking you hard, and all you can hear is our skin slapping together………

I pull out of you, and lead you to your back. I lift your legs up, and close together. I put my cock back in you, and you can feel how tight you are with your legs like that. I keep fucking you, then spread your legs apart. I grind myself ageist you, not going in or out, just around in circles.

I drive my cock deep inside you, and lean to kiss you deeply. I pull my cock out so slow, that we can both feel it coming out of you. I lay on my back beside you, and pull your leg over me. You get up over me, and take my cock in your hand. Looking deep into my eyes, you close your own and slip me inside you. You feel me slide all the way inside you, lean your head back, ad start fucking me. You start rocking slowly, then move faster and faster. I take my hands and start rubbing your nipples between my fingers. I then take my full, palm of my hand and rub your tits harder and harder, as you are fucking me. I slide my hands down you, and grab your ass and bring myself deeper inside you. Your head is back, my hands on your ass, and I am licking your tits…… I think you are about to cum. Are you?

I take my hand, and grab your hair. Pulling your head back, and start pushing my pelvis against yours. Your head back, all you can do is feel yourself start to cum, and let out little mooning sounds……I then grab the back of your head, and pull it into my shoulder. You softly bite my neck as you are cumming. I start to cum too. The head of my cock become huge, just as I am starting to cum. Pulling on your ass hard, I explode inside you. You feel my cum as it is flowing inside you, and you start to cum even harder. We pull into each others arms, cumming together, feeling how sweaty we both are. We start to slow down, and I am thinking to my self; I could fuck her all night. We slow down till we stop. Me still inside you. We hug each other, and kiss very deeply…I look into your eyes, and say “ Hey honey!


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Well written

Aug 13, 2014 6:59pm


a little inappropriate? What is this story meant to be about anyway...?

May 26, 2014 12:26pm

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