Love on the sea

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Chapter 1

its mid afternoon. We are slowly drifting in a small row boat in the open water. The sun is glisten off your skin as you lay back in your seat in a bikini, keeping your eyes on me as I slowly row us on the still water. You see the sun shine on my sweat soaked chest and running down my stomach and onto my shorts. My muscles flex ever so much with each movement of the ores in my hands. The combination of the feeling of sun on your almost naked flesh, and the sight of me in front of you makes you squirm a little in your seat, as you tighten your thigh and feel your clit between your legs start to throb ever so slightly. You feel almost dizzy in the heat of the sun. Your temperature is most certainly rising as you picture in your mind almost every sexual scenario you can imagine. 
The boat starts to drift over to a sandy beach of a small island.You picture in your mind the feeling of your naked flesh on that white sand with me on top of you making love as if it will last forever.You close your eyes and lean your head back with all the images still fresh in your mind.When you tilt your head forward again and look at me, I can see this little sly smirk on your face as you stare to me and pull the side straps of your bottoms higher on your hips and giving you a little pressure over your clit and lips.You slide your body up to mine and you feel yourself being lifted up on my lap, firmly held in my arms.I slide my one hand down to your hip and the other I lift and move a few loose strands of hair behind your ears as I lean in and kiss you so softly and light on your lips, you almost quiver in my arms. My tongue lightly leaves my lips and enters just inside yours. I trace around your soft plump lips as you lightly bite your lower lip.You lean in a little harder and kiss me deep. We trace the insides of both our mouths as the afternoon sun shines off our bodies. 

I swing your leg over my hip so you are now facing me on my lap.You swing your hair back as I kiss and lick lower onto your chest.You explore my body with your hands.You feel my shoulders, how round and strong.Over my back. You picture how it looks, flexing strong as I make love to you.Down to my hips and ass.How round and firm.You picture in your mind how it feels in your hands when I fuck you so deep and you pull me and take more.You are dizzy with desire and lay your head on my shoulder and kiss my neck.You are so close to me that you can feel beads of perspiration run between our bodies.Dripping down my chest and into my shorts.The smell that comes off me allows you to feelthe presence of such a man.A man that you have always desired.The wetness is starting to drive deep from you.Pulling yourself closer, you feel the hardness that looms juts under two thin layers of fabric.

The boat runs up on the shore. Still rocking in the water and still in my arms are feelings that you have never felt before. You feel so safe, you feel so sexy.There isn’tanywhere you want to be more on earth then on this small deserted island and in my arms.You feel yourself being lifted in my arms as I carry you over into the water, careful not to let you get wet and carry you up on the sandy shore. 

You lower yourself out of my arms and onto the white sandy beach.You look for yourself at the small island that is ours for the afternoon.Many tall cocoanut trees line the beach, giving shade over much of the island.And the sand resembles a fine whit powder with no trace of dirt.Swinging your head back to me, you see the hair on my legs is matted down with the water I carried you through. Looking up even closer, you notice my soaked board shorts clinging to my body. And clearly, you can make out the outline of my hard cock that is so close to you, there is nothing you can think of more.

Strolling away from me under a tall tree in some light shade, you slowly tug at your strings behind your back exposing your breast to the sea air that surrounds us.I fallow in pace and find your back up on the very tree you were heading for.Taking you by the hips. I slide my hand down your one leg as I lean in for a kiss and slide your leg up over my hips.You let out a sigh as I treat you with more force then I had in the boat.Every nerve ending in your body comes alive and my slightest touch sends you deep into desire.You fallow my head in your arms as I lover to my knees and caress love your breasts like only I can.Making your nipples hard and full of tenderness as you have ever felt.The sunlight keeps flickering on your body as the leaves in the tree over head sway in the breeze.The wind feels so amazing on your skin as it cools the areas that are still moist with my kisses.You sigh with pleasure as you feel me un-do the ties on your hips that hold your bottoms on.You feel the now soaked panties bottoms come off as the air blows across your skin.Leaning your head back on the tree, you close your eyes and run your fingers through my hair as I trace kisses all around your pelvis. Getting week in the knees you lean back on the tree harder spreading you legs even further.You know that I will kiss and tease you as much as you can handle, however this time you know that you wont last very long.Its just something that you have never felt before.Never smelt before.The island, the boat trip the sunshine…whatever it is it has you as horny as you have ever been.You can feel your wetness drip out of your body and start to run down your leg as you grab my head and MAKE me eat your pussy.

My tongue enters between your lips and slowly runs the length.From your clit all the way to almost your ass.I spread your lips with my finger and start to flick your clit with the end of my tongue. You lean your back right ageist the tree as your lift your right leg and place it on my shoulder.You feel your lips widen as I slowly slip my finger inside you.You look down at me as I slip my now soaked finger and lick it clean before sliding two inside you.I go to work gliding my wet tongue over your clit.My fingers tight inside you glide over your g-spot and you cry my name in the empty air. “Oh, Kevin….Fuck it feels so good”I slide down in front of you with my back in the soft sand.I bring you with me and you lower your knees into the sand with my head under your pussy.I pull on your ass as I fuck you with my mouth.You flip your hair back and ride my face till you cant take it any more. You scream out.“Cock!, I want to fuck your nice hard cock…..Oh, Kevin, Fuck me with your big cock…..NOW!!”

I lift you off me and back up on the same tree as before.You quickly grab for my shorts and pull them off me.My meaty cock falls out and you take it in your hand.Its so hard and it throbs in your hand. You can tell that I want your body as bad as you wantmine.My strong arms grab you under your ass cheeks and lifts you up with your back on that tree.You firmly pull yourself up on me as you wrap your legs, hooking your feet behind my ass.Sliding your hand between us, you find my cock and lower yourself onto it.

I start to thrust into you.Each time my cock moves in you it feels like nothing you have ever felt before.The intense pleasure you feel over takes your body as with each new thrust.I take you by the ass and quickly bounce you by the ass up and down my shaft.Faster and faster you feel me fucking you and you think that this is the best fuck you have ever felt.Even with my hands on you, lifting you and moving you, you still notice the softness in my touch, and the pleasure I always give to you. Lifting you off me, I set you on the sand and turn you to face the tree.You lower yourself and take hold of the trunk.You push your ass up in the air, and the sea breeze whisks across your wet pussy and ass.You look back and see me take my cock in my hand.Holding your ass wide apart, you keep you eyes on my cock that I lightly stroke in my hands for your amusement.You then see as I take the huge throbbing head and push it deep inside you.

Taking you by the ass I thrust faster and faster.The feeling of my balls hitting you with each thrust is starting to light a flame deep inside you.A flame that has been burning since you were watching me rowing that boat.My hands move up your back and I feel your deep arch.Up even further, I hold your shoulders and with hard sharp pulls, slam my cock as deep as you have ever felt.Each time that fire inside you grows, and grows. Every time you close your eyes, when you open them again, the fire is burning out of control.Tears are almost flowing from you as the intense pleasure and the feeling of closeness with me finallyerupts inside you.Your ass starts to quiver on my cock as a feeling starts to overcome you.“ Fuck, yes, fuck yes……fuck I am going to cum” you scream so loud that I even think someone out there most likely heard it.

I rap my hands around you and hold your chest as I lower my chest on your back.I hear your screams of pleasure and hold your tits and I move faster and faster inside you.I finally dart back just as you are at your peek.My knees lock and my body goes completely stiff. As you are cumming, you feel an intense feeling of warm, wetness enter your body.It slams as deep and as fast as ever.The combination of my stiff throbbing cock and the jet of warm liquid puts you over again and again.You her my shreek of pleasure as I rock you back and forth on my cock.Each time you feel little squirts of warm liquid that is now dripping out of you and off my cock onto the sand.We slowly rock back and forth a few more times before coming to a halt. Both dripping sweat and cum, I lift you back up in my arms.You see as the hair on my head is sticking to my forehead and how red my face is.You lean in to kiss me , at the same time whisper the words “I love you”I carry you down the sand, and into the warm water.With the sea water washing over your body, you know that you have never felt anything like that in your life.But if it can happen today, it can happen tomorrow……. 


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