a real life fairy tale

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Introduction Introduction a story in the eyes of a 19 year old girl whose life isn’t easy but she makes it work out to become a happy life. Nicki as everyone knows her isn't your normal 19 year old girl; she’s a teen mom to not only her daughter Zoe but her three little brothers as well. When Nicki was 16 she had Zoe and two weeks later gained full custody of Jace, Jonah and Issac her 3 year old little brothers. The story starts back from the beginning when she’s 14. Everyone always says you never know what love is until you’re a parent, so I guess I’ve been a parent since I was about fourteen. My name is Nicolette Lynn or Nicki for short, when I was fourteen my dad died leaving my mom to raise me and the boys who at the time were only a year old. They are triplets. I don't have many friends never really did. I have this one friend Jason I never met him face to face he’s a pen pal.

Chapter 1 - chapter 1

Packing my little sling bag to go down to the corner market for my mom before I go to the park to meet Jason. I’m a little nervous to meet him though. He’s only 16 we've video chatted a few times, exchanged photos so I know he really is who he says he is. I’m still a little nervous but I think it’s only because he’s the first guy I’ve ever spoke to.
Walking down the street every corner I see someone with a baby thinking "damn I want a baby of my own", then I think “wow I do have a baby I actually have 3".
Walking the trail at the park waiting to meet Jason. My hands are getting sweaty as I see this tall thin Spanish boy walking toward me. I knew it was Jason, he had a little white rose pined to the left side of his shirt. "U must be, Nicki" he said as he looked at me with a bright white smile on his face. “Nice to finally meet you Jason". "So do you want to walk around the lake and talk a bit?" "Sure sounds like a good idea" I replied as I got this strong feeling to kiss him. We began to walk around the lake when I felt his soft warm hand slide into mine. He wrapped his fingers around mine and I felt like I was about to melt.
All I kept thinking was damn I want to kiss him but I couldn't do that I had to behave. "Do u wants to come to dinner tonight" I asked with a shaky voice. “That sounds great". “I have to warn u I have three little brothers who are only a year old so my house is loud". "That doesn't bother me I have a little niece that lives with me and she’s loud". So we walked hand and hand back to my house, and as we got to the door he spun me around and kissed me. It felt as though I was in a movie but then I was snapped into reality with the sound of baby crying. Jace is sick. What else is new though the babies are always getting sick. Since my dad died my mom doesn’t do much but cry. “Sorry about the noise, Jace is sick again. The boys are so hard to handle I mean I love them but for the past 2 weeks all they do is cry. I miss my dad and all but I don’t cry over his death like my mom does.” I said as the tears started flowing down my face. “Don’t cry hun, I know how stressful it is to raise a baby let alone raise three, and to top it off to raise one year olds I didn’t start raising my niece until she was 4”, he said as he wiped the tears of my cheek. “Jason this is the happiest I’ve ever been,” before I could finish what I had to say he pulled me close and kissed me. The night was perfect couldn’t ask for it to go any other way. “This is my other little brothers Jonah and Issac”, “they are all so cute and you’re a great big sister”.
I can’t say I love Jason just yet but he makes me extremely happy. Jason is the only friend I have. So after dinner I walked Jason to the door with Issac asleep in my arms. “So will I see you to tomorrow?” “Of course you will.” Jason kissed my cheek and walked down the stairs to meet the cab. “Nicki!” my mom yelled. “Yes mom” I answered trying not to wake Issac. “I need you to baby sit the boys tomorrow; I have to go meet with the landlord”. “Ma that’s not fair I have a date with Jason tomorrow.” “I don’t care your family is more important so take them with you.” “Ma it’s a date why would I bring the triplets with me, why can’t you bring them with you?” “Nicolette Lynn you will not talk to me like that, you will bring the boys with you or you can say good bye to your date.” I didn’t respond I just took Issac into his room and placed him into his crib. After laying him into his crib I stood back by his door and just watched as he slept. The boys are all I really have, I may have a huge family with all my cousins and that but when my dad died I lost touch with most of them. Sad I know.
The night seemed to fly by I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t really sleep or what but all I remember is sitting in my big picture window in my bedroom watching the sun rise. The pretty pink, orange and yellows filled the sky as the sun poked up behind the clouds meaning my day is about to begin. My routine is always the same in the mornings, get up put my sweat pants and slippers on to walk Patches and King my two puppies. The wind was soft and slow this morning with a fresh scent of fresh cut grass and the dampness of the early morning dew. After bringing my dogs in I start a fresh pot of French vanilla coffee and make muffins for breakfast. The aroma of bananas and vanilla fills the kitchen, the sound of the low playing country music and birds’ singing around me is so relaxing. As the muffins are in the oven I go in and wake Jace up first as I do every morning, feed and dress him and place him in the other room in his play yard and then repeat with Jonah then Issac. My mornings feel more as if I am a mother then a 14 year old girl. By 6am I have the baby bags packed, boys in the stroller and on my way to Mia’s house so she can watch them till 1 when I get out of school then it is back to playing mommy for me.


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