Just Her and Her Loneliness ... or Was it?

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Chapter 1

"Who is that girl?" she heard them whisper. "Who is she? What is she doing here?"
None of them knew her. Let them think whatever they liked. He would know her when he saw her ... and he was all that mattered.
Her eyes flickered from face to face in an attempt to find someone that she recongnised even a little bit, but she had never seen any of them before. She bowed her head, smoothed down her clothes and twisted a lock of her chestnut hair around one finger.
The strangers ignored her and filed into the house. She stayed where she was, listening from outside, to the low humming of polite conversation and ripples of laughter.
None of them would ask her to come in. She didn't care.
"Why did I even come here?" she wondered aloud.
A warm hand gripped her shoulder. It happened so suddenly that it startled her, but she knew who the hand belonged to.
It was him.
His fingers closed around hers, and he led her away. They walked for a while, the long grass brushing against their legs. She didn't bother to ask where they were going. It didn't seem to matter.
They were quite a way from the house when he decided to stop. He took his hand away and sank to his knees, looking blankly up at her.
"What's the matter?" she murmured. "What do you want?"
He said nothing, only leaned in closer to her.
Closer ... closer ...
At first, his large dark eyes appeared empty, tunnel-like. She felt as though she would fall into them; they would swallow her. She backed away, a little uneasy... then she saw it. It was there. A flicker of light.
"Oh," she said softly. "Oh, okay."
Her fingers trembling, she unfastened one of the buttons on her blouse.
Then another.
Then another.
A small part of her conscience was speaking to her, telling her that this was wrong ... but she had listened to that voice for far too long. She felt that this time, just this once, it should be ignored.
The spring breeze ruffled her hair; it was warm. She reached over and began unbuttoning his shirt.
"What are you doing?!"
She froze in shock, as the voice that had spoken was strangely familiar. Her eyes widened as another man appeared beside them, identical to the first one.
The dull ache of shame began to gnaw at her insides, as she realised. It was the second man. He was the one ... and the first, the one she'd almost given up everything for, was a liar.
The second stared coldly into the eyes of the first.
"You're not wanted here," he announced. "Go."
The first got to his feet, then looked at her, his eyes narrowed.
"Stupid woman!" he hissed.
The second knelt in the grass beside her, just as the first had. His eyes were the same, but his gaze was different. Softer. They had no light in them, no desire. It was something else.
He wasn't angry. He was hurt. She wondered what could make up for the mistake she'd almost made; the fact that she had almost given herself to his brother instead of him. However, it was apparent that he didn't wish for her to give herself to him either.
She turned away from him and buttoned up her blouse, her vision blurred by tears. When she'd finished, she moved closer to him, swept his hair out of his eyes and caressed his face.
"I will never be good enough for you. Never."
It was a moment before she realised her thoughts had been spoken aloud. She pulled away from him, embarrassed.
He got to his feet.
"I'll take you home," he said quietly. "You're not supposed to be here."
"I'm sorry," she heard herself say. "I didn't mean for this to happen."
As he looked into her eyes, she felt sure, somehow, that he believed her.
Then she saw it, a small smile flicker over his face, as though he was almost amused.
"It doesn't matter."


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