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Introduction whats going on now... Ethan, Zoe and Neveah are what you would call your normal 17 year olds until their home town was hit by a tornado and Ethan goes missing. Neveah then looses all faith in life which isn't such a good idea seeing see has Issac to take care of. When Neveah was 15 almost 16 she thought she found her soul mate and ended up pregnant with Issac who she is now raising on her own, well with the help of Zoe and her other 4 siblings but she slowly hits depression once Ethan doesn't return to the bomb shelter during the storm. keep reading to find out what happens with the Tompkin family

Chapter 1 - Flashback....Neveahs point of few

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The sky was getting dark, the wind was picking up bad I cant remember the last time the weather looked like this. I began to feel rain drops pick up as me, Ethan, Max and Zoe ran around the farm to put the animals into the barns and try and tie things down as we were in for one hell of a tornado to hit down any moment. "mommy" i heard Issac yell from up on the porch where i left him with his uncle Jae. "stay there baby mommy's gonna be right there." i yelled back as i pulled on Lucy's leash to get her stubern ass into the barn. Milles came ruing out as soon as we locked the barn yelling "GET TO THE SHELTER THE TORNADO HAS LANDED HURRY DAD SAID GET TO THE SHELTER". I ran to the porch had Issac in one arm and Jae in the other until Zoe came out from behind me and grabbed Jae from me and ran down the stairs that lead to the shelter. i heard trees flying and tears from Issac, Jae and Mia. then everything went quiet so Ethan went to check things out and see how much our farm was damaged. "mommy" i said listening for Ethan to knock letting us know it was safe to came out. "yes baby" she answered. i didn't have the chance to answer before I heard a loud crash. "what was that" i yelled."i don't know stay here" max yelled back. it felt like for ever since the boys left the shelter but i had faith in them both. Max came back but where was Ethan. "the silos knocked over and Ethan is no where to be found" max cried wiping his face off from the little bit of ran.

that's all i remember from that day i kept thinking "Ethan gone my triplet my best friend what am i gonna do now"

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