Through the Glasses

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Introduction A girl giving me glasses to have a whole new perspective

Chapter 1 - Dream Week 1

It was dark and cloudy.
I couldn’t see as much in my path way, but I still kept on walking.
There was this girl who haste right towards me and handed me glasses.
I put them, regardless of knowing who she was.
When I placed it on my face, I saw a lot of beautiful things around me.
Everything was lit up and I could see the clear skies playing it’s roll.
The sun was shining down on everyone and me.
I chose to accept the light and see what it could do for me.
My sight was better and I could see the things I wanted to see.
People on stage rapping, doing poetry, dancing, and doing spoken word in front of the audience.
I reached for my glasses to take them off, but the girl stopped me from doing that.
I wondered why and I tried to take them off again.
Her eyes got fiery and I was just questioning,
"Why do you feel the need to have these emotions?"
I didn’t ask her that question, but she answered me anyways. She told me,
"I do not want you to see the other side of this world."
Again, I wondered why and all I thought of was,
"I can easily adapt to a world that seems unknown and unfamiliar to me."
She then warned me,
"If you take off the glasses I gave you, it will shatter into pieces, float up into the air, and never come back again."
I told her that I will be fine and she should deal with her own life and worry about herself.
The glasses she has given me, shattered into many pieces and I watched it float up into the air like it was nothing but a gift that I have broken.
The dark world has shown to me again and the girl was just standing right next to me, staring into the distance.
She told me that she fears something will happen to her and I.
I grabbed onto her hand and told her,
"We will be fine, don’t worry about it."
And so we walked into the darkness.
We saw nothing but despair.
She started to cry silently and I used my other palm to pat her head.
We stopped for a moment and I told her to face me.
is what I asked from her and she did a smirk.
I helped her smile by stretching out her mouth with my thumb and index finger.
I let go of her mouth and the smile I have created has been imprinted on her like her face was made to be that way.
She told me that she felt calm and better.
All of a sudden, our pathway was lightning up.
Both of us were surprised and just stood on our spot in awe.
"What’s happening?"
I asked myself.
This time, she didn’t answer back.
So I asked her face to face and she told me that she doesn’t know.
Nonetheless, both of us felt at ease.
What shocked us the most is that the things I saw in the glasses, showed right in front of us, but better.
Everyone kept popping up like reincarnated angels.
It was like they felt content and happy at the same time.
I chose not to question and the girl I held hands with didn’t question it either.
"This place, I have seen before."
The girl told me that she has never seen this place before.
I just turned and looked at her.
Her hands were disappearing, but as she was drifting off into air, she said this to me,
"Thank you."
I did not cry or mourn for her, I just smiled and looked at her face as she went on and on.
That’s when I woke up and said,
"Well, someone has been released."


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