Out of Sight, In the Mind

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Introduction A worrisome boy that doesn't know how to escape from his fears

Chapter 1 - Dream Week 2

A guy was leading me into a playground that seemed familiar to me.
He was holding my hand and both of us ran to the slide.
We didn’t use it to go down the spiral, but we hid under it instead.
"What are we hiding from?"
He told me to stay quiet and just look at him while he looks the other way.
I just said,
"Aight, bro."
The guy told me not to address him that word.
I asked him why not and he told me that he isn’t my brother.
I didn’t mean that he really is my brother, it’s more of a title that I give to people.
He knows that I didn’t mean it that way but he just felt weird about it.
He told me to call him by his name.
When he told me his name, all I heard were scratchy TV sounds.
And I was like,
He told me again, but I kept hearing the same sounds. I just called him,
instead of trying to know his name.
So it has been awhile since we were sitting under the slide.
Should I question him again or just keep quiet?
I asked again and he told me that he’s trying to hide from something.
Why was I brought up with him?
Am I really supposed to be here?
I just stayed with him anyways.
Suddenly, we heard a noise and his eyes turned worried.
The noise got louder and he just sweated off like he was going to get kidnapped or something.
I touched his back and told him to calm down.
I have no idea what’s going on, but this person should chill out.
I tried to get us out of the slide and he just kept yanking on my arm and kept telling me to sit back down or else something bad will happen.
What is going on?
What is his problem?
I know shouldn’t be concerned with other people’s problems, but I’m in this situation with him, so I have got to know what is going on.
All he said to me was that something bad will happen.
I told him that if he never moves from this spot, he would never know what’s outside of this hide out spot and there will be no improvement.
We couldn’t stay here any longer, so I grabbed his hand and told him,
"Trust me, everything will be okay."
I smiled at him and he smiled back.
We then stood up from the hide out spot and the noise was gone.
He tapped on the fake green grass a couple of times like a dog who never touched grass before.
"Come on, we got to get out of here and do something,"
I said and he replied back,
"What are we going to do?"
"You will see,"
I told him.
We then kept moving forward somewhere and now I am the one leading him somewhere.
Although, I have no idea where I’m going, it’s best to just keep walking.
For all I know, there might be something out there, but we shouldn’t be frightened.
I guess both of us heard the same thing, but it was just all in his head.
It wasn’t telepathy that we did, but it’s more like we understood each other.
We were both alike and I always chose to hide from a lot of things.
So in this dream of mine, I was just telling him that something cool may come forth to him.
I did not say us since I had to leave at some point and wake up.
There are no predictions to what happened to him, but I know that he’s doing great.


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