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Chapter 1

One of the most common words we use today is “Culture”, yet we do not realize the true power it consumes. It isn’t just any word, it defines a person, a family, a country, a continent, the entire earth. When this word strucks through my mind, I think of how people were raised and the beliefs they were taught as they grew up. Belief, another strong word that can sometimes be manipulative to me. It can change of how you think of an object, a person, a race, a country or even a religion. All this from culture, I’m never too sure why such a small word can be a huge impact on a single human being’s life. It blinds us from the quality of personality. It is something that open our eyes to society but does not open our hearts to the world.

If we were to take culture out of a person’s life, sure they would lose beautiful tradition but they would gain a reinvention of humanity in them. To that individual’s eyes, the world suddenly expand extensively, to a size they could never picture. If culture was not important as it is, I believe there will be more peace and love everywhere. People who were brought up hating a certain ethnic group due to their culture can be changed. It should be, because you’ll never realize the beauty of it because you were told they were never good anyway. This is one common mistake that we humans keep on repeating in religion, race, traditions, country, etc.

Fortunately, culture is changing, it is weaker today than before. Children are raised differently. With education, many children are advantaged to learn about their cultural “enemy” and learn that they are all not that hateful. Back then, girls grew up being told that they could not work and housework was their duty. While boys grew up being told that they needed to be masculine. Today, 91 percent of executive chefs are men and about 203,000 women in the US are in the military. Culture, a small word that have changed the minds of millions will forever wander in my mind.


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