The Hidden Truth Behind These Lies (Warrior Fanfic)

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Introduction When a kit is born of all clans; her father, WindClan and RiverClan, her mother, ShadowClan and ThunderClan, kaos erupts silently. Her family is put out- exiled. The clans hated them, but her parents did so much for the clans, and other beings. A fate foretold long before Jaypaw, Lionpaw, and Hollypaw were alive. Has fate lied to us when destinies colide? This kit is more than she seems. "The River may come, befriending The Freak, Frost and The Lost, all shall leave in time so the Feather can help. Darkness shall provail, leaving The helpless Shadow in it's wake, all must leave so the feather can help, and Death will arise from it all." When the story itself has lies to tell, what do we turn to besides them, themselves? You've read this far, so just click it. It's a Warriors Cat Fan Fiction. It's my characters' stories. Click It Already!

Chapter 1 - MottledPelt, I've found something!

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~PineStar's pov~
"MottledPelt, I've found something!" I called out to the ThunderClan medicine cat, "It's a ki-" I looked down at the young kit. She seemed so familiar.. "A kit?!" Mottledpelt called beck, racing toward me. "She smells of badger and fox, I'm sure she's dead." I leaned down to still the unmoving body, only to whip back into place by the kit's movement. "Bring her to camp, I'll get the rest of the fox traps.." I told him, "Make sure she's up and moving by the time I get back." Mottledpelt nodded, stepping forward to put the kit up by her skruff. He turned around, racing carefully back to camp. I could tell he didn't want to make it a bumpy ride for her. I looked down at my paws, she looked so familiar...
~No one's pov~
The three blue rings on either ear, the blue halo on her forehead, the blue nose ridge, the tear marks, her smaller left ear. All blue, a white pelt... And her eyes... Her eyes, her eyes, her eyes. The rest of her pelt didn't matter. He knew her eye, but they weren't open. The memory flashed into his mind, they were an icy blue and a firey red! She was the kit of- The sent of a cat drifted into his nose. PineStar looked up to see the imitating, unwavering stare of the cat opposite of the kit. Red and back; right ear smaller; no halo, but one with horns on it; the three rings. All red markings, black pelt. But instead, his eyes were black.

[A/N: MWUHAHAHAHA, eh. No suspension, I will probably update it later...]

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I like it.

Aug 27, 2014 3:24pm

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