The Forgotten Fear

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Chapter 1

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"Excuse me?"

I recognise his voice instantly. The mere sound of it causes an uncomfortable swirling sensation in my stomach. My heart rattles in my chest.

"I seem to have a problem connecting to the WiFi."

David. David Maxwell-Summers.

He is speaking, not to me, but to a member of staff. The public library is unusually quiet; there's barely anyone around. He is sitting at the table opposite mine.

I'm Tina, by the way. Hello!

The librarian comes towards him, tucking her long blonde hair behind her ears.

"Is this the first time you've experienced this kind of problem?" she inquires sharply.

"Yes. It's never happened before."

He speaks slowly and softly, as always. Something about his voice is seductive, like a warm caress.

I tug absent-mindedly at my dark brown curls. His eyes meet mine and I feel the colour rush to my cheeks.

This is ridiculous. Schoolgirl behaviour. Pull yourself together, Tina Chambers. It's just David, it's not like he's a film star or anything!

"Terrible, isn't it?" He chuckles lightly. "We think technology is the most amazing thing ever, until it doesn't work."

"Ahahaha, I know."

My voice has taken on a somewhat shrill quality.

He's just being polite - I'm sure of that. How could I expect anything else?

We were seventeen years old when we first met, seven years ago now.

The first time I saw him was on a warm July afternoon. Although it was warm, it wasn't at all sunny. It was, in fact, raining, so I decided to catch the bus over to my sixth-form college, with my best friend, Eve. He joined us on the bus and I paid him very little attention, until he came over to us and started jibber-jabbering about something to do with a History assignment. He must be from the other History class, I thought. I knew there were two groups of students studying History, however, the staff had decided to merge them into one class, to make teaching easier. When the bus made its first stop, closer to my side of town, I was quite glad to get away. Naturally, I didn't think about him any more that day.

I didn't see him again until September, when the new school year began. If I recall correctly, it was a Thursday morning. It was half past ten, and I had two hours free before lunch, in which I intended to do something productive. I could make a start on that Religious Studies essay, at least.

I decided the most sensible idea was to use one of the "independent study" rooms. I knew that one of them was located on the Technology corridor, on the ground floor.

Anxiously, I peered through the glass in the door. I wanted to be sure that it was empty, as it was common knowledge that some students preferred to use such rooms for socialising instead.

I was about to go inside, when I noticed a tall, mousy-haired boy come out of the classroom opposite.

"Hello!" he exclaimed cheerfully.

At first, I assumed that he was speaking to someone else, but, glancing around, I realised there was no-one else in the corridor.

In general, I've never been amazing at talking to people. As a teenager, I was extremely shy, and could only speak to someone once they made me feel comfortable. There was something about the tone of his voice that irritated me, and my first instinct was to tell him to get lost. However, I decided it was best to be polite.

"Hello," I replied, somewhat nervously.

His hair was slightly on the messy side, and his chestnut brown eyes were framed by his glasses. He was wearing a baggy blue T-shirt, jeans and white trainers.

You're laughing at me, aren't you? The truth is, such a simple arrangement of adjectives and colours cannot truly describe this person. He probably sounds so ordinary, but the fact is, I struggle to find the appropriate words.

"What lesson have you got now?" he asked.

"Ummm ... I don't have a lesson right now," I stuttered.

"So you've got two whole hours to fill up now!" he blurted out.

"Yes," I said. "Ummm, I was just looking for somewhere to go and do some work. I think I might go in here."

I gestured towards the empty room.

"Good idea."

He pushed the double doors open for me.

"Thanks," I mumbled.

There was nothing about the room that was particularly interesting. It looked just like a standard classroom. Tables. Chairs. A whiteboard.

"Wow!" he gasped, stretching out his hands. "It's massive!"

I chuckled and went inside, only to find that he followed.

I pulled out a chair and sat down at one of the tables. He remained standing. I realised that he hadn't yet introduced himself.

"Um, what's your name?" I stammered.

"David," he replied politely. "I like David. Not Dave. David."

"Okay, David is good. I'm Tina."

"Tina ..." he repeated, thoughtfully. "That's a pretty name."

"Thank you."

"I've seen you somewhere before ..." he declared.

I knew he was right, and after a few seconds, it came to me.

"Yeah, um, History ..." I stuttered.

He nodded. "Yeah, that's it. You're in my History class. I remember now."

We'd recently had our first History lesson together, only to be given some handouts, and told to continue with our assignments. So, for that reason, I'd paid little attention to anyone or anything.

I unzipped my backpack and took out some textbooks, my writing pad, and my pencilcase. I barely had time to place them on the table, however, before he spoke again.

"Oh, wow!"

He picked up my pencilcase and began examining it.

"This is like my cat. Only smaller."

My pencil case was, indeed, shaped like a cat. His apparent interest in it delighted me. He placed it back on the table beside me.

"I like cats," he added. "They're my favourite animals."

I felt a smile flicker across my face. "I like them too."

"Hmmmm," he said randomly. "You have nice eyes, they're a very nice shade of blue."

"Thank you," I replied simply. "You have ... a nice smile."

It was true. I had only just realised, but there was something about his smile that I liked very much. Again, I'm not quite sure how to describe it. It was a very genuine smile, as though he was happy about anything and everything. It was strange, but just looking at that smile, I realised I found him attractive.

I didn't want to become too distracted, so began making some notes for my essay. He picked up one of my textbooks and began flicking through it.

So, what else did I learn about this person? His parents were divorced, he told me, and he had a sister called Chloe, who was fourteen.

"Are your parents divorced too?" he asked.

"Nope," I replied. "Still married."

"Oh ... do you have any brothers or sisters?"

He seemed to like asking questions. I didn't really mind. Sometimes, it's nice to be asked questions, right?

"A sister. Beth. She's eleven."

"I've noticed you walk slowly and limp a little bit. Do you have something wrong with your legs?"

I hadn't expected him to notice this. I was unsure of how to explain.

"Cerebral palsy," I said. "Very mild."

"I have Asperger's," David told me.


I befriended a boy with Asperger's Syndrome in secondary school, so I had some understanding of the condition.

"Do you have to go to the Learning Support Centre?" he inquired.

"Oh, no," I replied, "cerebral palsy just affects my mobility, that's all."

"Oh. Is that why you always use the lift?" he inquired. "You don't go on the stairs..."

How did he know about that?

"Yeah," I smiled. "That's why."

"I've always needed Learning Support," he informed me sadly. "I don't even think I had an accent until I was thirteen."

He chuckled weakly. I felt a pang of sympathy for him and was unsure of what to say.

"Well ... I think I might go and get something to eat," he pondered aloud. "We have History this afternoon, so I'll see you later."

The strange thing was, I was a little reluctant for him to leave. I felt I could have talked to him all day, and was certainly looking forward to speaking to him again.

"Tina ... can I ask you something?"

It was a few days after my first conversation with David, and Eve and I were sitting together in our English lesson. I was in deep thought, annotating a Shakespeare soliloquy, when she spoke.

I frowned at her. "Yeah, of course."

"What do you think of David?" she inquired. Her tone was somewhat playful, and I could see she was trying her hardest not to smile.

"David? As in David from our History class?"

"Yeah ..."

"Well, I don't know; I don't really know him that well," I replied casually.

"What did you think of him, though?" Eve pressed on. "When he talked to you? Just going on first impressions?"

"Well, he seemed nice," I declared. "Why are you asking?"

"I think he might have a thing for you," she said, smiling. "I noticed when we had History yesterday, he looked disappointed when you didn't sit next to him, and he kept looking at you."

"Maybe you misunderstood," I suggested.

"Well, why wouldn't he like you? You're a nice girl, you're attractive ..."

"Stop it," I laughed.

"Do you like him?" she asked, winking at me.

I bit my lip.

"What do you mean, do I like him?"

"I mean, do you find him attractive?"

The truth was, when David smiled at me for the first time, I struggled to take my eyes off him ... but I wasn't prepared to admit it. Not yet.

"You're going red," Eve teased. "You'd be so cute together, the two of you. You'd have really cute kids!"

"Shhh," I hissed.

"Tina McKenzie ..." giggled Eve. "That sounds nice."

I couldn't stop myself smiling.

"We'd better forget about David for the moment, and get on with our work," I said offhandedly. "Or Mrs Henderson won't be very happy."

It was true. Mrs Henderson was a very demanding teacher.

After our English lesson, something happened. It was a little strange, and to this day, I still don't really understand. I was free for the rest of the day, so I decided I would go to the independent study room to finish some work, and then go home at lunch time. I had only been in the room for a few minutes, when I heard footsteps in the corridor. At first, I didn't think anything of it, but then, glancing up, I saw two dark eyes watching me, through the glass pane in the door.


I barely had time to wonder what he was doing there, because moments later, he was gone.

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