Poem - "Memories Are The Only Proof"

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Chapter 1

“Where have you been?” you ask,
I reply, “Everywhere”.
If you'd only looked closer,
You may have found me there.
In the shadows, hidden from you,
but now that you see me,
what am I to do?
Your voice echoes through this crowded room,
Yet I'm the only one who hears,
Still I answer to the call,
Though silent through the weeks, months and years.
Your scent of is smoke, your taste of regret,
The pleasures that I still remember,
The sorrows I cannot forget.
The intoxication on your breath,
Drink more, for in the morning,
A memory will be all that's left.
You need not sing, but speak my name
I recall, I shivered before,
And now your fingers are my flames.
There are many like you, yet none quite the same
Your lips say “I did wrong”
Your smile accepts no blame.
Whose hand did you hold, while I slept alone?
I grew fond of these cold, bare walls
Still my heart longed for home.
We speak a language of love all our own
In each other's eyes, we search for the answers
To questions that remain unknown.
Now, hearing your laughter again, I forget the truth
I loved you long ago,
But memories are the only proof.


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