My "College" Love Life

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Introduction The sequel to my highschool love life story. If you haven't read that one, read it first and everything here will make a lot more sense. This story picks up in 2011, right after I graduated highschool and it will continue on until I SHOULD HAVE graduated college in 2015, but college didn't really work out for me in the end....

Chapter 1 - Kyle

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I was eighteen years old. It had been a week or two since I'd graduated highschool and almost two months since my highschool sweetheart, Cameron had broken up with me over the phone while I was at Disneyland. It was now June and I would start attending the University of Arizona as a voice major towards the end of August. Singing had always been my biggest passion in life and I was excited to start focusing on that in school. I had to audition to get into the music school and it was a big deal for me that I'd gotten accepted. However, for now I was just going to focus on having a relaxing summer. I literally had no plans at all for the summer and had just been sitting in my room, at my computer the past couple of weeks. I noticed on facebook that a guy named Kyle had posted a status about being really sad over a breakup with his girlfriend of two years. Kyle had brown eyes and he had dyed his flippy hair a gingery brown color and he dressed with an alternative style. He had went to my high school and was friends with most of my friends, but I had never really gotten to know him. I decided to message him to let him know that I could relate to his post-breakup depression and to try and cheer him up. He thought it was really nice of me to reach out to him and we ended up talking for a while. Towards the end of the conversation, he had told me that he'd always seen me at school and that he thought I was really cute and he'd always wanted to get to know me. He told me that he really missed having a girlfriend and suddenly, just like that, asked me to be his girlfriend. He was half joking, half serious but I told him to slow down and that we should at least hangout first. We then made plans to hangout the next day. When I left for his house the next day, I didn't want to tell my mom that I was going to a random guy's house so instead I told her that I was going to Kasmira's house. Kasmira had also gone to my school and she just so happened to live with Kyle, because their parents were in a relationship. That way, I wasn't really lying to my mom because I actually was going to Kasmira's house! I left the house to find a huge truck in our driveway, which was owned by a mutual friend of mine and Kyle's, Justin. Justin and Kyle were both in the truck and I got in with them. We drove around town for about an hour, just listening to music, talking, and laughing. We didn't know where to go, so we just stayed in the car. After the hour, Justin dropped me and Kyle off at Kyle's house. Kyle led me straight to his room and asked what I wanted to do, we decided to watch a movie. He put on Shawn of the Dead and he laid down. I was sitting up and he told me to go ahead and lay down. I did so, but I made sure to keep my distance. Awhile later, he pulled me close to him and I rested my head on his chest. We just layed there, cuddling for the rest of the movie and it was actually kind of nice. At the end, he asked me if I liked him. I said yes. He then told me, "I like you too. Now seriously this time, do you want to be my girlfriend?" To my own surprise, I said yes. Here we go again, back to my old self. I couldn't even stay single for longer than a couple months because I always said yes when cute guys asked me out. I barely even knew Kyle, but here we were dating all of the sudden. It wasn't a lie when I said I liked him, I really was starting to, but it was just so sudden. I then looked at my phone to see that it was 10:00. My parents were probably freaking out. He told me that he'd beg his dad to drive me home but only if I gave him a kiss first. So we kissed for a minute, and then he brought me out of his room to meet his dad. It had been an interesting day to say the least.

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Thank you! mabossy-2000. Make sure you read my "High School Love Life" story first, because then this all will make more sense

May 17, 2016 8:29pm


it's nice

May 17, 2016 6:22pm

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