My "College" Love Life

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Introduction The sequel to my highschool love life story. If you haven't read that one, read it first and everything here will make a lot more sense. This story picks up in 2011, right after I graduated highschool and it will continue on until I SHOULD HAVE graduated college in 2015, but college didn't really work out for me in the end....

Chapter 5 - Pennsylvania

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It had only been a week or two since Cameron and I had gotten back together and my family had now figured it out. We had been planning a trip to Pennsylvania right around then. That's where we were originally from and that's where all my aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents still lived. We had been planning to visit for my grandma's 80th birthday party. She was planning a big event for it. Coincidentally, Cameron's father had also moved to Pennsylvania a few years back with his wife and they had a new born baby boy whom Cameron had not yet met. His name was Phillip, but they called him PJ as a nickname. It just so happened that Cameron would be in Pennsylvania, visiting at the exact same time as me! He left a week before me and I was begging my family to let him come to my grandma's party, but they kept saying no. They were still mad at Cameron for breaking my heart, but I kept saying that it didn't matter because we were back together. My older cousin, Ben was bringing his girlfriend to the party and I didn't understand why I couldn't bring my boyfriend. They just kept saying, "That's different, Ben is older." It made no sense to me, but that was their final answer.
Anyway, we went off to Pennsylvania and had a great time seeing the family, and my grandma's party came and passed. The day after the party, my family agreed to let me see Cameron, but only if I could find a ride. His dad agreed to come and pick me up. It had been a week or so since I'd seen Cameron and I already missed him so much. He was waiting in the back seat of the car when they arrived, and I jumped in next to him and we cuddled for the whole hour drive back to his dad's house. It was only my second time meeting Cameron's dad, as he had visited us in Arizona once, a couple years before this.
We arrived at Cameron's dad's place and I was introduced to Cameron's step-mom whom I'd never met before. She was really nice! I also got to hold Cameron's baby brother and everyone could tell that I was nervous. They were really surprised when I told them that I'd never held a baby before. There were no babies in my family. Everyone in my family was seventeen and older. After touring the house and meeting everyone and talking for a bit, we all got in the car and went out for a lunch. They brought me to a nice little restaurant in the city, where I got a caesar salad. They paid for it and everything! It was really nice of them. We went back to their house for a little after lunch, and then they drove me back to my grandparents' home, where I was staying with my parents and brother. I was so happy I got to see Cameron on our vacation, and I knew it wouldn't be long before I saw him again in Arizona.

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