My "College" Love Life

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Introduction The sequel to my highschool love life story. If you haven't read that one, read it first and everything here will make a lot more sense. This story picks up in 2011, right after I graduated highschool and it will continue on until I SHOULD HAVE graduated college in 2015, but college didn't really work out for me in the end....

Chapter 6 - University of Arizona

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So everything was back to normal with Cameron and I couldn't have been happier. It was August of 2011 and my parents helped me move my things into a dorm room at the University of Arizona. My dorm building was smack dab right next to the music building where most of my classes were located, meaning that if I was feeling lazy one morning, I could just walk out the back door of my dorm building still wearing pajama pants and I'd pretty much be in the music building for class. My parents got me a nice meal plan where I could walk to the student union and get one meal each day from places in the cafeteria like Panda Express and Chick Fil'A. My favorite part of college was being able to take naps between classes. Some of my friends from high school went to the same school as me, but I made new friends as well. There was a guy named John who lived directly below me in my dorm building and he played guitar. He wanted to start a band with me, which is something I'd always wanted to do! Cameron moved into a new apartment with his best friend, Isaiah, and I started staying over there every weekend. We'd just be lazy there and watch movies and cuddle and order pizzas. Life was good.
Fast forward to the end of October. Halloween, my absolute favorite holiday and it was only a week or two away and I needed a costume! John had now become my new best friend and we often ate meals together on campus and he came to my dorm room a lot and we always watched Vampire Diaries together. I asked him to come with me to Hot Topic, so I could get my costume. I had wanted to buy the Pikachu ears and tail set from Hot Topic and be Pikachu, but it had already sold out, so I settled for the fox ears and tail set they had instead. When I got home from the mall, my room mate was gone, so I decided to make a YouTube video in my new costume, doing fox makeup, and it actually got a lot of views! My high school friends held a party the weekend before Halloween and I went dressed in my fox costume. I ended up very happy with that costume and my makeup for it, even though it wasn't Pikachu, maybe I could be him the next year. I was super excited to wear the costume again for Cameron on the actual night of Halloween, but I wasn't sure what we'd be doing yet. His friends liked to have Halloween parties, so I assumed they'd have one that night.
On Halloween night, I got all dressed up in my costume once again and I called Cameron to see when he was picking me up. He informed me that he was already drinking with his friends. I said, "Okay... well can you still come get me?" He said, "Actually, we're just kind of having a guy's night..." I reminded him that Halloween was my favorite holiday and that I reallyyyy wanted to see him and do something that night. But he declined. I just sat there for a while, super upset. I started desperately messaging my friends, looking for something to do. John was out with other friends. My friend of many years, Maria, finally responded to me around 10:30 PM. She had a house not too far from me and she told me that she wasn't really doing anything, but that I could come over if I wanted. I accepted. I went over there for a couple hours and we just talked a bunch and ate some candy. Wasn't what I was expected out of Halloween, but it turned out to be an okay night. I was still annoyed with Cameron though.

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