My "College" Love Life

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Introduction The sequel to my highschool love life story. If you haven't read that one, read it first and everything here will make a lot more sense. This story picks up in 2011, right after I graduated highschool and it will continue on until I SHOULD HAVE graduated college in 2015, but college didn't really work out for me in the end....

Chapter 7 - It's Happening Again

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A couple weeks went by and I tried to forgive Cameron for Halloween, everything seemed okay with him otherwise. It was now early November of 2011 and my mom picked me up from my dorm room one day to get me a haircut and buy me some new clothes for the upcoming Winter. While I was in the dressing room, trying on some new outfits, my diamond heart necklace that Cameron had gotten me for Christmas two years back just suddenly fell off. I had never taken it off on my own since I had received it. I slept in it, showered in it, etc. It was so strange that the clasp of the chain had just opened up on its own and fell off. It wasn't broken though, luckily, so I just shrugged and clasped it back around my neck. I had gotten some nice new outfits, courtesy of my mom, and I was feeling really confident with my new hair cut. It was a bit shorter than I preferred, but it was still past my shoulders and it was cut in a perfectly edgy manner. Cameron invited me out that night with his friends and they were going to a hookah bar. I'd never been to one of those before, but I decided I'd be down to try it. When we got there, I was introduced to a new friend in his friend group, Liz, and she had a ton of friends with her. They were all really preppy and loud and I felt kind of awkward around crowds like that, but at least I had Cameron there and I knew Isaiah, Jake, and Brian as well. The hookah was pretty cool too. It was like weed, but didn't make me as hyper, it was just very calming.
Cameron brought me back to his apartment afterwards, as he always did on weekend nights, and he left me in his room, so he could go take a shower. I took off half of my clothing and lied down in his bed. I was still feeling confident with my new hair and new clothes and I figured that we'd have sex and then go to bed. But when he came in the room, he didn't say anything and he just laid down, facing the opposite direction. "Um, are you okay?" I asked. "Well.... I've just been thinking and... you and I don't really have anything in common," he answered. I froze for a second. What was he getting at? "Yeah, we do..... we both like some of the same movies and TV shows... and there's little things that we do the same..." "Not really," he replied. "Okay... but so what if we don't have a ton in common?" "I've been thinking about this for a while. And that's why I invited you out tonight to try something new... but I still feel like we have nothing in common," he said. "Okay, well who cares? We love each other and that's all that matters," I said. "Sometimes that's enough to keep a relationship going," he remarked. "Yes, it is!" "I'm not sure if this is gonna work," he finally stated. I began crying and begging and assuring him that we could work it out because we loved each other. He eventually gave in and hugged me and agreed to keep trying to make it work. He went to work the next day, leaving me in his apartment. I was very sad the whole day, just thinking about our talk from the night before and wondering if it could really work out for us. I loved him so much and I hoped with all my heart that it would. I also couldn't help but think that my heart necklace falling off was like a premonition. Everything seemed fine between us, and then the one day it fell off was the one day he'd tried to break up with me.
A week later, I was sitting in my dorm room, just about ready to go to bed. I always called Cameron right before bed and decided it was about that time. I dialed his number and he answered. He was very quiet however. "Is everything okay?" "I don't know," he replied. "You don't know?" "I just still really feel like we have nothing in common.... I'm sorry, I just think we should break up," he said. "But I love you," I cried. "I'm sorry. Goodnight," he said. "...….goodnight," I mumbled. I slammed my phone down and started sobbing. What just happened? He'd only just gotten back together with me a few months ago and here we were again. I just wanted to call him and cry to him. It's hard when the person you normally go to for comfort is the person who made you cry, and the person who's no longer there for you. I tore off the necklace he'd given to me and placed it under my pillow, not sure what else to do with it. I tried my best to wipe my face and keep it together and I texted John. He was in my dorm room in minutes. He stayed and talked to me for a while and assured me that I could do much better than Cameron, until we both really needed to get some sleep. Then I was alone once again. My room mate wasn't there. I tried my very best to get some sleep, but I just kept having nightmares and waking up every hour and thinking that Cameron breaking up with me had just been a nightmare, Then I kept realizing over and over again that it was real. Cameron really left me. Then I'd cry and the process just repeated over and over again all night. I went to class the next morning in my pajama pants, didn't even bother doing my hair or makeup. I tried to keep it together through my classes. This was not going to be easy.

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