My way into the Naruto World

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Introduction (This is an admin x Sasuke story!) Victoria was a outcast who really didn't think as herself as strong. One day she watches Naruto Shippuden and her life turns around! She is stuck inside the Naruto world, but she's with someone she rather not see. Sasuke Uchiha.

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Have you ever questioned if you can be in another world or time? Just to get away from everything evil in this world? I have. It's a normal thing now a days, having discussions about going into a place where everything is peaceful and whatnot. I however wanted to go into the anime world. Reasons why are because I feel as if I don't belong. People judged me for that, saying that I'm weird and never will have friends.Heck, I couldn't tell my mom and sister because of the chaos we went through with my dad.. That's until I met my friend, Dabria. She had the same thoughts as me, wanting to be in the anime world and what not. I finally felt someone who knew me.

But this isn't about what I wanted. The point is... Something remarkable happened a few weeks ago. It was the most craziest thing that has ever happened to me.

What you're about to hear, may or may not shock you for the rest of your life. Now I suggest you go ahead and click away if you think this is fake, people who think they'll believe me, read ahead and listen to what happened to me and what I had to go through to write to you now.

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