The Social Experiment

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Introduction I have had this script for a TV show stuck in my head for years and I decided to finally write it out in a story format, as I've never written a script before. I have other ideas for movie scripts in my head, but this one I feel would be better suited as a TV show. It's a bit dark at times, especially the beginning, just a warning. It's supposed to have the feel of one of those dark teenage/young adult TV shows like Vampire Diaries or Pretty Little Liars. I hope you guys like it!

Chapter 2 - The Boy

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Mila curled up in her bed that first night and cried her eyes out once again. She cried many times for many months. She was getting sick of the same boring meals day in and day out. She was always brought a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a bottle of water for breakfast and many hours later, she was brought some macaroni and cheese with a poor excuse for a salad on the side and another water bottle. Uncle Carl slid the same exact meals through the slit in the bottom of the door every single day. She tried calling out to him when he'd come by and drop off the food, but he never answered, never spoke another word to her. After a while, she'd stopped even bothering. Mila had never even liked peanut butter, but she learned very quickly that she just had to eat it, or else she'd be starving. Whenever Mila used the toilet, she'd sit down and make sure her shirt was covering her up, knowing that a camera was watching her at all times. She was afraid when she first ran out of toilet paper, but her uncle slid some toilet paper under the door slit with her food the next morning. When the lightbulb in her lamp would burn out, he'd slide under a new lightbulb and the first time it happened, he left her a little note with instructions on how to change a lightbulb. She spent most of her time drawing pictures with the stack of paper and crayons her uncle had left for her. She drew her parents, her old friends from school, her old house, just a bunch of things that she missed from much happier times. Mila had often woke up screaming from nightmares while she was stuck in this prison.

Mila only knew if it was day time or night time by the meals her uncle slipped under her door. She didn't know how long she'd been in this room but she knew it had been many months. She watched as her breakfast was slid through the door. She was walking over to get the food when her uncle pushed a basket in after it. Inside of the basket, she found another stack of papers, a children's book, and a bottle with a note attached. The bottle said "leave-in conditioner," on it and the note read, "Happy 8th birthday, Mila." So it had been a year. An eight-year-old should be happy on her birthday, it should be a fun time to celebrate yourself, but Mila wasn't happy. She would've cried at the thought that this was how she was spending her birthday, but Mila had no tears left to cry at this point. Mila looked back at the leave-in conditioner and thought about the fact that she hadn't bathed in a year. She had never used conditioner outside of the bath tub, but it the bottle said she could leave it in and her hair had been turning into a long, tangled, dirty mess. She opened the bottle and rubbed the product all over her hair.

Each birthday, Mila received similar items to the last. She always finished the children's books right away, but re-read them many times for lack of anything better to do. She liked to copy the illustrations she saw in her books onto the printer paper she was given once a year, but she'd go through that paper pretty quickly as well. So much time had gone by that Mila assumed she must be a teenager now. Her body was changing and she didn't know what was happening to it. The clothes that she had come into the room with all those years ago were the only clothes she had. They started tearing in many places as her body was growing out of them. One day, Mila's stomach hurt really bad and she went to the toilet and a bunch of blood came out of her. She felt like there was something very wrong and assumed she must be slowly dying. She began to panic and worried she would never make it out of this room. The bleeding kept happening for five days and then it stopped. Maybe she would be okay. It happened again many weeks later, again for exactly five days, then once again stopped. This became a pattern. She started to assume it was once a month. She was still concerned that maybe she had some sort of illness, something wrong with her. But she survived through it every time.

More years passed and Mila turned sixteen, she only knew her age because of the notes her uncle would leave with her annual presents. One more year to go! It felt like she'd been in this room for an eternity, but finally, knowing she only had one year left, Mila felt hopeful for the first time in a long time. She started wondering if her uncle would keep his word and let her out. She let her mind ponder different scenarios that could happen next year when she finally turned seventeen. If her uncle had been telling the truth, he would open the door and she'd see him for the first time in ten years. She was so angry just picturing her uncle's face. She wanted to punch it, but she worried she was still too much smaller than him to do so.

Another year had passed, but Mila had no way of knowing that for sure. She was very hungry, as she was every morning, and she heard her uncle approaching the door. She was eager to eat her breakfast, but he didn't slide it through. Instead, he spoke. This was the first time Mila was hearing her uncle's voice in ten years and her heart started racing.
"Mila, you did it! You are seventeen years old today! You know what that means, don't you? It's time to come out as I promised! But this social experiment doesn't end here. No, it's only just begun. I have so much more planned for you!," he exclaimed. She then heard him unlocking all the locks and bolts on the door. Her heart was still racing and she ran over to her desk. The door opened and her uncle stood there smiling his gross, evil, twisted smile. Mila swung her desk chair into him with all her might, aiming for the head. Carl anticipated her potentially lunging at him and he was prepared for that, but he never would've thought she could injure him like this. He fell to the floor and screamed in pain. Mila bolted past him. She had never seen the interior of this house before, but she knew she needed to escape and escape quickly. She ran around the home frantically looking for a back door, remembering that the front door had had a bunch of locks on it just like hers did. She couldn't find one and was about to panic further when she saw a window that she could probably fir through. She used all her strength and pulled it open and climbed out. The sun was blinding and she was couldn't see anything for a moment. She stopped and felt the cool air on her skin. It was so cold and yet, the fresh air felt so nice and refreshing after all those years. Then Mila brought herself back to the present moment and realized she had to run as fast as she could. She took off with no idea where she was headed. Her eyes slowly adjusted to the sunlight as she ran. She wasn't even really taking in her surroundings, though, just running and not allowing herself to think. Finally, she had to stop because she was running out of breath. She stopped when she'd just come up to a road. She stood there panting as it started to rain. The water felt so weird on her skin, but it kind of gave her joy, just knowing that she was finally outdoors and that she'd finally be clean for the first time in ten years. It started raining harder. A car appeared out of nowhere and approaching her fast. She suddenly had a flashback to the night her parents died. Terrified, she fell to the ground on the side of the road, sobbing. She sat there crying on the side of the road for a while. She didn't look up until suddenly she heard a man's voice. She looked up, fearful, and then realized it wasn't her uncle, it was a teenage boy.

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