Old Man And Young Tenant

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Introduction She was young and alone and he was .......

Chapter 1

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Alice was a student at the local nursing school and she along with three other girls had rented a two bedroom apartment. They had classes most of the day but the weekends and holidays were open. School work keep them busy and they did not cause any trouble, well not too much. They were all cute girls and each one was different.

Alice was a quiet girl that stayed to herself mostly as she is not really friends of the other girls but, they were just rooming together to share the cost of housing while going to school. There are sixteen other girls from the school at the complex as the school recommends the place as a safe home for some of their students. The students sometimes use the clubroom as a study area and at times it has looked like a hospital when they are doing some of their actual practice for tests. The tenants don’t mind and they are constantly asking for free medical advice and service. Every kid with a skinned knee has to see the NURSE and the girls seem to like doing it.

Alice, who is 18, had broken up with the first, one and only, love of her life, well actually he had broken up with her for another girl. As she was new to the area and had just lost her boyfriend then moves to an apartment with a group of strange women, she was not only heartbroken but also lonesome.

William is an older retired fellow that volunteers at various places around the area. He is single but was married for many years. He is always helping others and is very fit for his age. Most of the kids call him gramps and the real little one say grandpa and some of the nurses even call him grandfather or gramps, depending on their mood. They all have a lot of respect for him as he seems to have something that attracts people to him. Three days a week he works at a local food pantry and two days at an animal shelter. Saturday and Sunday mornings he cooks at a homeless shelter.

It has been a week since school started and it is late Saturday afternoon and the sun is starting to set. Two of the girls, who were friends before coming to school, are getting dressed to go out for the evening to the bars and the third girl had just gotten a call from her boyfriend. Alice heard the talk and listened to the phone call and it all made her very sad. She was alone, really alone, and now she started to think about him again and the love she had had with him. Tears started to dampen her cheeks and she ran out of the apartment out to the garden area.

The apartment complex had a nicely landscaped garden area with hedges, trees, flowers and benches.
Alice had found a quiet place in the garden where she could cry and just be miserable by herself. She was looking at pictures on her phone and crying harder now.

William had just come home and was heading through the gardens with four large bags of groceries for the families in abused family protection. Most knew that the owner allowed the empty units to be used by families needing safe housing from abusive spouses. As he walked past the hedge he heard the crying and went to investigate. As he rounded the corner he found her sitting there with head in hands sobbing. He went over and put the bags down and sat on the bench next to her.

“There, there, what can be so wrong” and he put an arm around her shoulder.

She flinched and almost pulled away but the hand and arm contact felt comforting and so she did not move but just look up at him. At first she was all set to tell him to buzz off but something stopped her.

She looked into his eyes and saw something comforting, softness, a gentle man, and she felt, for the first time in a long time, like she had meet a friend. She could only look at first but then she spoke, “I just felt lonely and sad and well it just came over me”

“Well such a pretty young girl like you should not be crying, not alone anyway. There should be a handsome young man to console you and hold you close and make it okay.”

“Yes, well the young man dumped me and I have no friends here”, and she began to cry again.

“Oh dear, there, there, come here now,” and he pulled her to him and she buried her face in his chest and cried harder. “It’s okay you let it all out,” and he held her close and tight and rocked back and forth. She cried for a few moments and then the flood ebbed. She had, without thinking put her arms around him and was holding onto him tightly.

He felt her arms go around him and a warm feeling, one he had not felt in some time, moved through his body. It was a very good feeling and he just smiled and pulled her close. He reached around and pulled out a handkerchief and handed it to her.

She looked at it and thought who uses these things? but then wiped her eyes and looked at this strange man holding her so tenderly.

He looked at her and smiled, not relaxing his hold on her he said,” Hello, I am William and I live here.”

She smiled and thought, oh it feels so good to be in his arms, and said.” I am Alice and I just moved in.”

“Good now we can be friends and if you want to you can tell me anything as I listen good”. He felt her arms tighten around him and he smiled. “Look if you want you can help me deliver this food” and he went on to explain what he was doing.

She listened to him talk and could not help but feel that here was a kind soul and he was her friend. A warm happy feeling suddenly flowed through her body and she was not longer sad. She had picked up a couple of the bags and was helping to carry them and she told him some of her story as they went. They stopped at one unit where a woman with two small children lived and he introduced her. As they were about to leave the woman threw her arms around him and hugged him and kissed his cheek thanking him for the food. He explained where it came from but it did not matter to her, he delivered it. The little boy hung back as he seemed afraid of William (family abuse is worse on the young) but the little girl ran up and extended her arms to be hugged. He bent down and hugged her as well. They went to the next place and he introduced her to Marie and her daughters and again the mother hugged him. The daughters were older and did not.

“Hey ladies I want you to meet a new tenant who is going to school in town, this is Alice, and this is Marilynn and Maryann. You ladies are all about the same age so maybe you can show Alice around sometime.”

Everyone nodded and they left. He stopped in front of a main floor unit and simply said,” this is my place and if you ever need to talk or you need a place to cry you come here, okay”

She just looked at him and smiled. The feelings running through her were all mixed up, one moment she wanted to pat his face and kiss his cheek and thank him and the next she wanted to throw her arms around him and kiss him deeply, but he was an old man and this was crazy.

She reached out and hugged him then thanked him turned and walked away. A shiver ran through her body and tears formed in her eyes again, why he couldn’t have been like this man.
As she walked back to her apartment some very strange thoughts crossed her mind. He was not a bad looking man and so what if he was older, hell he is old period. No matter she felt something for this man something she did not really want to admit to. All of a sudden she felt a very warm feeling run through her body and she knows what she wanted to do. As soon as she got back to her apartment, the others had all left; she took out her silver vibrator.

Standing next to her bed she slowly took off her clothes. The sweat pants went first as they looked the worst and now she was wearing her light blue panties and a blue camisole. She rubbed her belly with one hand while the other moved up under the camisole. Then the hand on the belly moved down and slipped into the panties and caressed the moist lips eager for the touch as she put the middle finger between her lips and sought the little button that would bring her wonderful feelings. Her body quivered as her finger found the spot and she pushed the other hand into the bra cupping a tit and then pinching a nipple. The feeling of pleasure raced through her and images of William flashed through her mind. She remembered his touch as she touched herself causing more pleasure. She now had two fingers deep inside her pussy and her breathing was heavy. She quickly pulled down the panties and shed the top and bra then fell on her bed with the vibrator. She spread her legs wide and with the vibrator on full force she rubbed it up and down her moist warm wanting pussy lips. As the tip moved up closer to her clit she shivered and moaned as she threw her head back and her hips thrashed about.

The vibrator touched the clit and she moaned loudly and a surge of pleasure moved through her as she had her first orgasm in several days. Now she wanted more and she pushed the vibrator between her hot lips and started to move it in and out with increasing speed all the while the other hand had been squeezing a tit and rolling a nipple between the thumb and forefinger. As she pinched and pulled the nipple hard another surge of pleasure ran through her and the second orgasm sent her into spasms. Now she was wildly working the vibrator and squeezing and pinching her tits and nipples. Her body tensed and she arched her back and gave out a loud primal moan as her entire body quivered with pleasure. She collapsed with the vibrator still between her lips but she had turned it off and her pussy muscles flexed and pushed the thing from her. There was pleasure in the feeling of the vibrator sliding out of her hot and very wet pussy. Now visions of William flashed in her head and she could not understand it but what the heck she likes it. She picked up the vibrator and licked it off thinking how good she tasted.

As she pulled a cover over her and fell asleep she was thinking of William not him and this made her smile. She slept with a smile on her face and sweet dreams in her mind for the first time in a long time and it was because of this handsome older man.

Sometime later on a warm sunny Sunday afternoon William had decided to do some laps in the pool and was on the forth lap when Alice walked into the pool room.

She had seen him come home and then saw him go to the pool; she was subconsciously keeping track of him. There was some strange attraction for this kind gentle man and she got a warm feel just seeing him. She had put on her workout clothes and run down to the pool as soon as she saw him there.

As she entered the pool area she sought him out, the attraction for this man was insane, and headed over toward him.

He saw her coming towards him and finished the lap. He hoisted himself out of the pool and sat on the edge as he turned and looked at her. He saw the smile on her face and he felt good. At this point three children descended on him and wanted him to play with them. He gave her an extra big smile as he fell back into the pool to play catch with several of the younger children.

She saw him smile at her, just her, as he slipped back into the pool. He had smiled at her not just everyone but only her and it made her feel special. There he was playing with the kids and she walked over and sat on the edge of the pool to watch.

He saw her sitting on the edge and tossed the ball to her, “hey catch” he hollered.
She caught the ball and looked at the smiling face and said, “what do I do now?”
“You’re it and you have to touch someone else with the ball”, and he dove under the water.
Several of the kids were about and she tossed it at a little girl that jumped out of the way and squealed. Now the ball was floating in the pool and she did not know what to do.
“You have to get the ball and try again, you’re it, come on get with the game”, and again he dove.

She did not want to jump in the pool as she had on the workout clothes with only panties and a sport bra under them, and she was not sure how they would take to water. Not matter as he suddenly appeared in front of her reached up and pulled her into the pool. The water was only 4 feet deep but still she got completely wet.

There she was with wet clothes clinging to her standing in front of this man and she suddenly started to laugh. She laughed hard and then splashed water in his face and grabbed the ball, which she proceeded to bounce off his chest. His broad hairy chest with those nice long arms and big hands and, she shook her head to clear the thoughts.

“You’re it now mister,” and she moved to get out of range heading to deeper water. The children told her she could not go beyond the 4 foot make, game rules, as she was now officially a player.

There was much laughter and she enjoyed the time and felt happy. The games lasted for a little while and then William called an end. “You kids have worn me out and I have to rest now”, and he got out of the pool. As he did he turned and offered his hand to her and without a word she took it and exited the pool.

She looked at him and smiled then squeezed his hand as a strange feeling surged through her body. What is it with me she thought, every time I am with him or he touches me I get this funny sensation? She knew the sensation but just did not want to believe it as the last time she had felt like this she was with him. This is not happening she thought there has to be another explanation. There was no time to think now.

He was in very good spirits as he offered his hand to her and helped her from the pool and looked at her in the clingy wet clothes. MMMMM he thought looking at the nipples now sticking out from the top and the clinging material in the crotch. Stop it you old goat, he thought to himself, she is a teenage, ya but want a teenager, but his mind quickly cleared and he turned to walk away saying,” come over here I have a towel you can use”.

She had seen the look on his face and followed his eyes as they had scanned her body. He sure looked me over and I wonder what was going through his mind? She actually liked the thought that maybe him was thinking of her in a sexual way and she got that strange feeling again and now a warm sexy feeling followed. She smiled a very satisfied sexy smile as she looked into his eyes.

The smile on her lips and the look in her eyes made him start and look twice but he discarded the notion that crosses his mind. He handed her the large beach towel, which she wrapped around herself and then he saw her shiver. “Are you cold, you probably need to get out of the wet clothes why don’t you go back and change?”

She quickly went back and changed clothes, putting on jeans and white shirt, and then realized she had William’s towel. She smiled as she now had an excuse to go to his apartment , but then she caught herself asking, why am I so excited about going to his apartment, but then she was beginning to realize she had some rather strong and different feelings about and for William.

William was in the process of making diner, when she knocked on the door, so he just hollered, “come on in doors open”.
She opened the door and peaked in and the stepped in further and closed the door, “hello, where are you?”
“In the kitchen straight back,” and he smiled as her voice in his apartment made him feel good.
“Hello, come in sit down I was just making supper, hey, if you’re not busy want to join me?”
“Oh no thank you I just wanted to return the towel and thank you.” Her head was bent down and foot shuffled.
“You’re welcome; you did not have to return it today.” He noticed the change in attitude and asked, “Is everything okay?”
“Oh I am okay just fine, it’s nothing really”. She was miserable as she had lost her first love and all her friends and now she was off at school alone and heartbroken.

He could see something was wrong and she was unhappy. He put the pans on the back burner and turned off the stove and went into the living room.
The apartment was a nice two bedroom unit furnished nicely with tables, lamps, pictures, and such. There was a sofa and a large recliner with wide arms.

He walked into the room and reached out and took her chin in his hand and lifted up her face. “MMMMMM, I think we should sit down and have a nice long talk just you and me, okay?”

She wanted to leave but his hand, his touch, and the look in his eyes. There was something in this man that made her want to stay and all she could say in a very meek voice was “okay”.

He reached down took her hand and lead her to the sofa where he sat down and then sat her down next to him. With her hand on her knee and his was on top.

It was silent for a moment and then he said, “Okay tell me what is wrong and why you seem so sad, remember I am pretty much a stranger and so you have nothing to lose by dumping it all on me.”

Tears started to form and he gave her a handkerchief, which she took and dried her eyes. She then started to tell him all about the boyfriend, their friends and the words came out in a flood along with the tears.

He reached over and held her close and tight rocking and trying to console her as best he could. The story of a young girl’s first love and first heartbreak was not ordinal but that does not matter when it’s your heart that is broken. William held her head and rocked and listened.

At the end she said,” and the worst part is everyone says I’ll get over it and it was not real love as I’m not old enough.”

William smiled and squeezed her tight and said, “Well they are wrong, you are old enough to know love and you are old enough to know real love. You have experienced you first LOVE and sorry as it is your first heartbreak.”

She looked at him and wrinkled her brow, he thinks I know love and it was real love. She looked into his eyes and started to listen to him.

“Oh yes you now know love and you know the best and worst of the emotions. It will hurt for some time and you will always remember it. For those who say you are too young, well they just do not remember theirs or the memory is painful and they do not want to remember. You will learn from this just as you will learn from every love you encounter in your life. You have now experienced the First Love and let out the emotions that are all rather new to you. Things like lust, jealousy, I bet some new anger and hatred feelings, a new loneliness, and some new despair. “

She knew these feelings and a desire for sex was strong in her so strong she had to find release several times a day by herself. Lust was not the only emotion as she was angry that she had not been kissed yet and well she was a virgin. If he was so full of knowledge maybe he could help with these things. She wanted someone to give her the pleasure she had been forced to give herself. Hell she wanted someone to kiss her in a passionate way and not as a friend.

“Well that all is nice sounding but I want some pleasure out of life not just high sounding talk. I have not even been kissed so are you going to fix that.”

He was taken aback by the reply and not sure what to say. “It has been a long time since I kissed a woman with passion so I doubt I could help you there and besides you want someone a lot younger than me.”

“Hey I don’t care about age I just want to be kissed with passion and I am tired of waiting”, and with that she turned threw her arms around his neck and kissed him full on the lips hard.

He did not move and his arms very slowly ended up around her back. Her lips were warm and soft and the feelings that flooded through his body very pleasant. The feeling grew from pleasant to pleasurable and he actually got an erection started.

The kiss was long, soft and very enjoyable to her but what did she do now. She had seen movies and heard talk but the actual doing was another matter. She was not sure but she was not going to break it either and she tightened her hold around his neck.

The kiss felt so good he was not going to stop. She was of legal age and hell she started it and he was enjoying it too much. She tasted good and he started to think what else about her tasted good. Without any thought of what he was doing his tongue slowly parted his lips and touched hers. As she did not reject his tongue it moved back and forth across her lips with increasing pressure until he felt her teeth.

She did not quite understand everything but it all felt so good and she was getting very warm and wet between her legs. The urges and desires were starting to make her want to do things she was sure she should not do. All this desire was causing so much confusion in her and now this kiss. His tongue had touched her lips and when it did her pussy muscle flexed and she got very wet. She could feel her nipples harden in her bra and she actually wanted him to touch them. Lust was loose in her body and she wanted him to touch her all over. She hugged him tighter and moved her body closer to his.

As she moved to get tighter to him she straddled his leg and now could feel the erection he had developed. This was very new to her.

He felt her body move over his leg and press his erection between her pussy and his leg. He thought he would shoot his load as she slid up his leg, rubbing against his cock, to get tighter to him. He hugged her tight and as she slid along his cock his tongue pushed against her teeth which parted allowing it to enter her mouth. He felt her tongue and wiggled against it and she responded.

She did not understand everything but she loved the feeling and wanted more. Her body was trembling with excitement and new sensations. She knew what the hard round thing rubbing her pussy was as she had seen the pictures on the internet but she did not know what to do now. It seemed bigger that she thought and the pictures she had seen of pussies much bigger that hers. All she knew is that it felt so good rubbing against her pussy and she wanted more pleasure.

He gave up all hope of cooling the situation down as he was now caught up in the passion of the moment. He actually wanted to have this girl this young woman. This was crazy and she is going to break it off soon and so he broke the kiss.

“Oh my, that was very pleasurable, I’m sorry I did not mean to take advantage of you like that.”

“What do you mean, I wanted to kiss you and it felt good and I liked it and well I want to do it again.” She kissed him and this time it was her tongue that sought his mouth and her hands holding his head.

He could not believe his feeling for this young woman, girl, and the lust running in him caused him not to care.
The lust had taken over and all he wanted now was to have this woman no matter what. His hands started to move up and down her back rubbing and massaging. The feel of her nice large tits against his chest made his cock jump several times and this caused her to wiggle on his leg making him moan and want more. He moved one hand down to very lightly caress her ass but only lightly as he was not sure how she would react.

Oh such a nice ass and the tits are wonderful. The kiss continued and deepened as something more than just passion was involved.

She started to move back and forth on his leg rubbing her pubic mound on the bulge.

He now put both hands on her ass and pulled her tight to him and caused her to stop rubbing.
She was biting his lip and sucking his tongue and then because he stopped her rubbing she broke the kiss.

“Why did you do that?”
“Do what?”
“Stop me from rubbing your leg.”
“I stopped you because if you kept it up I was going to ejaculate in my pants, and I did not want to do that.”
“I have seen the pictures of men cuming but I want to see it for real.”
“I don’t know as that is going to be such a good thing right now.”
“Hey I want to see it so let me, we’ve gotten this far what’s a little more going to matter.”

With that she moved aside and reached down and unzipped his pants. She slipped her hand inside and felt the hard cock there and felt it jump. She smiled at the thought of holding it and watching it squirt a load in the air. She had a hold of it and pulled it out of his pants.

Oh god that feels so good. He could not believe how good her hand felt on his cock. Oh no, oh man no. But there was no stopping it and he shot a load of cum. It was not a major fountain of cum and it did not shoot high into the air, it just sort of squirted out the end and slid down the side over her hands which was squeezing and releasing his cock in a regular rhythm. He moaned, rolled his head back and his breathing was rapid and shallow.

She could feel his body tense, then the ejaculation and the relaxing. She heard the moan. This is sex, yes I like it and I am going to get more from him regardless of what anyone thinks.

He was old and so there was not much cum and the erection faded soon. She took the cum in her hand and looked at it closely smelling and then tasting it with her tongue.

She had seen BJ and ejaculation on the internet but this was the first real experience she had. He may have been old with little cum and no staying power but the cock could still get to a nice size. She considered the size and the fact that she could only get two of her little finger in her pussy and then turned to him.

“You have a big cock, are most cocks that big, and how could something that size fit in my pussy?”

He was a little taken back by the blunt question but recovered by saying “thank you for the compliment and it is not bigger than most and there is an old saying that one size fits all usually applies to pussies and cocks and by the way where did you get the knowledge about cock size and sucking?”

She smiled and snuggled up against him, kissed him lightly on the lips in a very different way now, and said “you can see anything you want on the internet if you know where to look.” She kissed him again only this time she pressed harder and bit his lip and then pushed her tongue into his mouth.

The comment and then the kiss made him stir with feelings long passed but not dead. His arms wrapped around her and his hands touched her body with a new interest.

“What do you mean one size fits all, there is no way your cock would fit in me.”

The reluctance he felt quickly passed and he accepted the fact he was going to fuck the young woman but it was going to take some effort.

“Well it will take some practice and stretching to get it ready, that’s what foreplay is all about. Did they explain or show that on the internet? Have you played with yourself? Have you had an orgasm?”

“Not exactly but do you mean by practice and stretching”
“Yes, several times and I know what that is and how to have one, I also know about the clit and G spot.”

“MMMM you’ve educated yourself or did you have help?”

She replied in an indignant way “I did it myself, I am a virgin.”

“Okay so you just need to play with yourself more until you stretch your pussy some.”

She looked at him in a very different way, a sexy lustful way and said, “So are you going to help me?”

He knew he wanted her in the worst way now and there was no stopping, “I think I would like that and there is no reason we cannot start now. Remember though there has to be passion to it to make it work.”

“Oh I can be passionate”, and with that she kissed him hard and pushed her tongue deep. She moved her body on top of him.

He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him and responded to her kiss. His tongue danced with hers and his hands started to explore her body. He pulled the shirt up and let his hands caress the bare skin of her back. When they encountered the bra he unhooked it without hesitation and it snapped away.

She rose up allowing his hands to unbutton the shirt and then the bra and shirt came off. She looked down at her nakedness and saw him looking and smiling. He then moved and kissed a breast lightly and the lips moved down. Then his tongue was out making a circle around the nipple and licking it before taking it between his lips and sucking hard. The sensations running through her body were all new to her and she loved them all. The tingly, electric, and shivering sensations all made her want more now.

She now unbuttoned his shirt and as she did she kissed his chest letting her lips move down as his chest and belly were exposed. When she got to the last one she pulled the shirt off and then laid on him so their bare bodies touched in a tender way.

His mind was racing with feelings and sensations he had not felt in some time. This woman had stirred his libido and now there was a fire burning inside him that only fucking her would put out. He reached down grabbed her butt and pulled her up so their lips meet in a very passionate kiss. The feeling of her nipples on his chest, her bare belly rubbing against his made him harden again. Then he thought about what she had said about size and decided to take some time before he actually took her virginity.

He massaged her butt for a moment and then one hand moved up her bar back and the other slipped down inside her jeans and was now squeezing her bare ass cheek. The hand came out and rolled her hip over so it could unsnap the jeans and open them.

She did not hesitate to push the jeans down and then kicked them off. Now she lay on him with only her blue panties on. The feeling of his hands and the kiss had put her in another world. These new feelings were wonderful and she never expected to find them with someone so old but then what does age really matter and she snuggled harder against him. She felt it as his cock got hard again and reached around to touch it. After getting up she pulled his pants off and then took hold of his cock in one hand and his balls in another. While gently massaging the balls she bent her head down and kissed the end of his cock. Her tongue licked it and then the lips surrounded the cap.

His body quivered and shook as her lips slipped over the head and down the shaft. He could not control it and he reached down to pull her away, “don’t dear I am going to cum and you will get it.”

She resisted his pull and sucked his cock and moved her hand up and down faster. Then he came again, not as much as the first time but still he came and she felt it on her tongue and then she swallowed. She had wanted to taste his cum and so she had. It was not a bad taste and so for future reference sucking a man’s cock was a nice touch to sex and she could do it again.

He had climaxed twice now and she was still had not and that had to end. Rolling her over he pulled down her panties kissing her belly, thighs and legs as he did. Then he parted the hair surrounding her now wet lips and kissed her sweet pussy. The tongue moved up and down and pushed hard to between them. Her body bucked up and the tongue found the clit and she moaned loudly while grabbing his hair and pulling his face tight to her pussy. As his tongue whipped her clit and then he sucked it hard between his teeth, she had an orgasm.

She loved the feel of his hands on her body and the kisses covering her all over but when he pulled her panties down and kissed her wet pussy she went wild, bucking and thrashing around. Then the sensation flooded her and she felt the most wonderful of feelings as her whole body vibrated from his contact with her pussy and clit. It seemed to last forever but it did end and she calmed slightly but he continued to lick and suck and she got aroused again as he now had a finger deep into her rubbing her spot while he sucked her clit and then his other hand was on her breast and holding and squeezing a nipple.
He felt her orgasm once but that was not the end and he now pushed two fingers into her pussy while he sucked hard on the clit and caressed the breast and rolled the nipple. He could feel her building to another orgasm and he worked faster and harder. Oh she tasted so good he wanted to suck her dry. He felt her buck and thrash again and then the moan and scream. She had a harder orgasm this time and now they both collapsed.

They had gone to the bedroom and fallen asleep naked in each other’s arms.

He woke first and felt the warm naked body next to him and it all came back to him. She was sleeping with her back to him and had spooned up tight to his body. The feel of her naked flesh next to his make his cock jump when he thought about her. She fit so nicely into him and her head was on his arm while her ass was tight to his crotch and as his cock got harder it was pushing against the back of her leg and she move slightly allowing it to end up between her legs.

She was just waking and she felt something between her legs. She had not woken up with a naked man next to her before so when she realized she was naked next to a naked body she bolted upright and jumped out of bed. Then it all came back to her and she looked at him and smiled.

“Sorry about the start but I never woke up with a naked man before.”

“That’s okay you’re allowed. So what do you remember about yesterday? “

“Oh it’s all coming back now.” As she got back into the bed and snuggled up to him with her head on his chest and a leg over his leg she reached up and stroked his face and ran fingers through his hair. She looked up and smiled that very contented smile that come with satisfying sex.

The closeness of her naked body was arousing him and his cock got hard and there was no hiding it.

She felt the erection under her leg and wiggled it. “So what is that, I heard that men get hard in the morning is that true?” She like the feel of his cock and slipped her hand under her leg to get hold of it and gently pulled.

“Easy now you will start something, and yes many men get erections in the morning depending on what they might have been dreaming or thinking as they wake up.” He looked down at the naked body half laying on him and his cock jumped in her hand.

“Oh my so active so early.” And she squeezed his cock twice and he flexes it twice in reply. “Hey can you do that when you want?”

“Yes I can flex a muscle that causes it to jump but I would have thought it was too old to work but I guess you have brought back lift to this old man.”

“Well I don’t think of you as old and you sure did not seem to act like it yesterday.” She squeezes his cock again and then kissed his chest and sucked on a nipple, which cause his cock to jump again.

He looked down and lifted her head up and kissed her softly and she put her tongue between his lips and pulled his head closer. His hand moved down and cupped a breast and held the nipple between fingers.

She moved up and over his body and the kiss became more passionate. He let go of her breast and grabbed her ass with both hands. She placed his cock between her legs and squeezed them together and started to move up and the head of his cock was rubbing against her pussy lips. A moan escaped her lips as the head tried to part the lips but they were too tight. She reached down and spread her lips and then the head started to enter.

Her body trembled and quivered at the idea of a cock finally entering her pussy. She was wet and wanting and now was the time. She sat up and in doing so made his cock slip into her waiting and wanting pussy. Then she felt it as the head slip deeper it came up against her hymen and stopped. She hesitated only a moment and then sat down harder forcing his big beautiful cock fully into her. The sharp pain of the tearing flesh made her winch but then it was replaced by increasing feelings of pleasure and she moved up and down feeling his cock head rub against the tight walls of her hot wet pussy.

She was shaking with pleasure as he had reached up and was now squeezing her breasts and nipple. Her rhythm increased and she heard him moan as she was moaning. Then she saw his face contort, his muscles tense and his hands grabbed her hips and pulled her down hard forcing his cock deep into her, so deep she felt it hit her cervix. Then she felt the spurt of hot cum deep into her and her body started to shake with pleasure. He pumped and humped and as she had an orgasm the scream escaped her mouth.

She continued to bounce on him for several moments after he stopped thrusting and there seemed to be no more cum. Now she could feel the warm fluid as it move down his cock and started to leak out of her now used pussy. As his cock softened she lay on top of him, the feel of the shrinking cock slipping out of her was wonderful.

She had lost her virginity and it felt great and the warm cum inside her made her all cozy feeling. She lies on his chest looking at this strange man, kissed his cheek and falls asleep.

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