I Work In A Doctors Office

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Introduction She\'s only 23 but she\'s seen more cocks than any other girl her age.

Chapter 2 - I Work In A Doctor's Office Part II

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Medical assistant becomes proficient in performing prostate exams but then advances to more exciting procedures.
As told in my previous story, I work as a medical assistant for one of the top urologists in a major city. It’s very rare for a woman to work in this field because it involves many procedures involving the male patient’s anus and penis. But that’s why I chose the field.

As I gained more and more experience, the doctor allowed me to perform a significant number of examinations and also to assist in various procedures. One interesting exam that I learned to perform was checking a man’s prostate to see if it was enlarged. The doctor would slide his lubed up finger up the patient’s rectum and feel if the prostate was enlarged or not. Then he would have me do it. This is how I learned to tell a normal prostate from an enlarged one.

After I became proficient in detecting an enlarged gland from a normal one, he let me perform a great many of these examinations by myself. One thing I learned was that many men achieved an erection while I fingered their ass. When the doctor performed this procedure the patient was usually in a position where his penis was not exposed. Typically the patient would lay on his left side in the fetal position with the back of his pants pulled down with his ass exposed to the doctor which more or less kept the penis covered. I had my patients completely remove their pants and underwear. While still somewhat difficult to see, in most cases I could view the patient’s penis and if it started to get hard while I was checking the prostate, I would continue to massage the gland even though at that point I really didn’t need any further digital manipulation. Sometimes I could even get some runny semen to ooze out of the patient’s cock. After the exam was complete I would get a clean cloth and wipe up any semen collected on the patient’s glans and also carefully clean off any lube around his asshole. I know the doctor would just give a cursory swipe to the patient’s butt and leave the final cleaning up to him but I always felt that if I made the mess, I should be the one to clean it up.

I always wondered if I had continued to massage the patient’s prostate if he would eventually ejaculate. I heard this was possible but I never took it that far.

I remember one patient who was very fit, good looking, and about 45 years old. I asked him to remove his pants and underwear to prepare for a prostate exam. I was sitting on a low height stool as he started to remove his clothing. I was a bit surprised that he was standing fairly close to me. Most patients will move over into a corner of the exam room while disrobing.

As he slipped off his underwear, I was surprised, and pleased, to see that he was quite well endowed. But the thing that was really surprising was that he was so close, that with him standing and me sitting on a stool, he penis was almost even with my face and only a few inches away. The foreskin was rolled back fully exposing a very nicely formed glans with a prominent coronal ridge. The base of his cock jutted out from his body and then the rest of it arched over and dangled down. I am relatively sure that it had already started to get hard because if it was fully flaccid it would have been hanging straight down.

I was mesmerized by the sight of his beautiful penis just inches from my face, and couldn’t take my eyes off of it. While I stared, he must have flexed some muscles or something because his dick did a little dance.

“Like what you see doc?” he asked, obviously aware that I was staring.

“Yes, you are very nicely equipped,“ I replied. “This was supposed to be just a prostate exam, but with your permission, I think it would be a good idea to include a full groin area examination.”

“Go for it doc,” he replied enthusiastically.

I had him stand right in front of me keeping his beautiful penis right in my face. I manually felt the area on both sides of his groin where hernias commonly occur. It’s possible to tell by feel if the area there is weak or not. His was nice and firm and he was in no danger of any hernias any time soon. While I was pressing on his groin his penis began to harden a bit. I then moved on to his testicles. Taking them in both hands I manipulated them looking for any lumps or other irregularities. I loved this part of the exam. But the best was yet to come.

After declaring his testicles as ok, I then took hold of his penis. Although when he initially disrobed, his foreskin had been rolled back and bunched up under the head, I slowly pulled it down so it covered the glans. He didn’t have a full circumcision. He had what is known as a “German cut” which only removes the excess skin that extends beyond the head. I very slowly rolled the foreskin back and forth over the head of his penis. As I did this it continued to get harder and harder until it was fully distended. The head had become very shiny and slick as the skin was stretched tight by his erection. It developed a very attractive light purple color.

I took the head between two fingers and spread the urethral opening even wider and looked down inside like I knew what I was doing. He didn’t care. All he knew was that he was enjoying having his penis very closely examined by a good-looking woman.

“Doc, I apologize for getting a hard-on. No way to stop it.”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s a normal reaction and it happens all the time,” I answered, while continuing to stroke his hard as a rock penis. “Ok, I think the next phase of a really complete examination is to find out if your ejaculations are of normal volume and forcefulness of spurting out. Are you ok with that ?”

“Whatever you think you need, I am fine with it,” he replied.

At that point I asked him to get fully undressed so there was no danger of getting semen splatter on his clothing. Then I asked him to lie back on the examination table. And then I started seriously stroking his big cock. I told him that I wanted to kill two birds with one stone and also check his prostate at the same time. I lubed up my finger and slid it up his rectum while I pumped his penis. I massaged his normal sized prostate much longer than a normal checkup requires but I could tell by the way he was writhing around on the examination table that what I was doing to both his penis and his prostate was very pleasurable. At this point I really wanted to suck his cock and was sorely tempted to do so. But so far what we were doing was somewhat still in the range of a normal exam although right on the edge. As I continued my expert manipulations with both his cock and his ass, I could tell he was about to experience what was likely to be the best ejaculation of his life. Sure enough a stream of semen spurted out of his penis and shot up over his stomach and chest and hit his chin and face. It was one of the most forceful ejaculations I had ever seen and was very impressive. His cock continued to spurt out powerful jets of cum as I squeezed his penis literally as hard as I could and my hand was a blur going up and down his cock. Finally he could take it no more and grabbed my arm and begged me to stop. He moaned that his poor cock was so sensitive that he just couldn’t take any more stimulation. I told him that was perfectly normal and that also his ejaculation was very impressive and certainly more than normal.

I told him to just lie there and recover and I would do cleanup duties. I got a wet washcloth and mopped up all the semen covering him. Once I had everything cleaned up, I took hold of his still semi-hard penis right at the root and slowly milked it upwards getting every last drop of semen out. I had a waiting tissue to catch any stray cum. It took four or five milking strokes to get every last bit.

“You are certainly a very thorough doctor. I really appreciate the special attention you’ve given me.”

“I wouldn’t want you going home with a dripping penis that left semen stains in your underwear,” I replied. “Your wife or gf might not understand.”

“Good point. I have a question for you. How often should I have one of these exams?”

“At least once a year. Twice a year is even better,” I answered.

“Wow, I was hoping for more often. Six months is a long time.”

“You can come more often but the doctor might find that a bit odd. But you can ask him about it.”

What the patient didn’t know, and neither was I supposed to know, was that the doctor had a very tiny camera installed in each examination room. He knew everything that I was doing but had never said anything to me about it. What I later found out was that when he observed me getting a patient off, he added an extra $200 to the patient’s bill noted as “Special added examination and medical procedure performed by medical assistant.” Nobody ever complained. Chances are the doctor would like it if these guys came back every week. So would I. I really loved jacking the patients off and seeing a large cum load produced by my efforts.

I was doing about 20 prostate exams a week and if I was lucky, I would end up jacking off about half of them. So that was an extra $2,000 a week I was bringing in. Time to ask for a raise.


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