I Work In A Doctors Office

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Introduction She\'s only 23 but she\'s seen more cocks than any other girl her age.

Chapter 4 - I Work In A Doctor's Office Part IV

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An 18-y.o. boy suffers severe premature ejaculation. A young female medical assistant has a number of procedures to cure his problem.
If you followed my previous stories you will know I am a young, attractive medical assistant who works for an urologist. It is rare for women to be in the urology field but I chose it because I am fascinated with the penis. Unfortunately, most of our patients are older but enough young men come in to keep me interested. And even some of the older guys are a treat. Because of my abilities my doctor has become more and more confident that I can handle a great many examinations and procedures that he usually does himself. For example, I do nearly all of the prostate exams which involves inserting my gloved, lubed finger up the patient's anus and feeling his prostate gland to see if it is a normal size and consistency or if it is enlarged. One of the things I like about performing this exam is that quite often the patient achieves an erection and I really enjoy seeing a nice hard cock.

I recently had a patient who came to see the doctor for premature ejaculation. After a short consult with the patient, he turned him over to me. I met with the young man in one of the examination rooms. He was very young, only 18, and was extremely embarrassed when he realized a woman was going to be taking care of his problem. I am used to this and am usually able to assure my patients that there is no reason for embarrassment and that I do this every day. After discussing his problem with him, I learned the following, although it took some coaxing on my part to get all the details:

1. When masturbating, he would achieve orgasm in less then two minutes.

2. When having vaginal sex with a woman, it happened in about a minute.

3. When a girl friend attempted to masturbate him, he climaxed as soon as she touched his penis and he sprayed semen all over her.

I then explained the procedure we would be following. First I wanted him to masturbate for me so I could see for myself how quickly he achieved orgasm. After he had ejaculated, I wanted him to masturbate again, knowing it would take a bit longer. On this second masturbation session, I wanted him to stop when he felt his orgasm approaching. The purpose of this test was to see if he was actually capable of stopping. I could tell he had strong reservations about what I had outlined. I knew that the best approach was to get right into it.

“You can leave your pants on but I want you to unzip them and take out your penis.” I sensed his hesitation. “You need to do that right now.”

He reluctantly unzipped his pants. He had a bit of trouble exposing his penis because it was already fully hard, but eventually he got it out. It was a very attractive penis. It was about average in size at 6-inches but a bit thicker than normal. It had a nicely formed glans.

I pulled a stool over in front of him and placed a large plastic pan on the stool. Around the office we called it the “cum pan.” I instructed him to also pull his testicles out of his pants and to proceed to masturbate and to shoot his semen onto the pan. And to try not to shoot onto the floor.

He started masturbating using the thumb and two finger grip with his right hand while his left cupped his ballsack. I started a stopwatch that I used for this test and in just about a minute his penis erupted with semen spurting out quite forcefully. It splattered all across the pan and some even bounced out of the pan onto the floor. It was quite a copious ejaculation. I was impressed. But I could tell right away that curing his condition was going to take a lot of time.

He leaned forward over the pan as semen continued to drip from the end of his cock. He looked at me with guilt all over his face as he milked his penis to get the last of the semen out and also to fully enjoy the orgasmic feeling that continues.

“I am sorry about getting cum on the floor. I tried to control it.”

“No problem. It wasn’t your fault. That was a much more powerful ejaculation than what we usually see. Ok, now the next step in these tests is to give you about five minutes to recover and then I want you to masturbate again. At your age and with your condition, I am confident that you will be able to achieve a second orgasm but obviously not as quickly. But this time, when you feel your orgasm starting, I want you to stop masturbating. OK?”

“OK, I will try.”

So after a bit of rest I had him start masturbating a second time. I also timed this with my stopwatch. I reminded him that when he first detected an orgasm approaching, I wanted him to tell me out loud and also to stop masturbating.

This time it took a bit longer but still way too soon. After about two minutes he yelled out “I’m cumming!” but instead of stopping, he kept masturbating. And another several copious spurts of semen erupted from his penis. This time he managed to keep it all on the pan.

“I’m really sorry. I couldn’t stop. It just felt too good.”

“That’s ok,” I replied. “That’s valuable information and informs us on how to continue to try to solve your problem. In order to maintain the controls needed, I will have to take over the masturbation duties as it’s obvious you are unable to control your ejaculations.”

“You mean you are going to jack me off?” he said with wide-eyed wonder.

“We refer to it as ‘masturbation’ but yes, that’s what I am going to do. For the next phase, you will have to fully disrobe because it’s obvious that you have very little control over your ejaculations and you will be lying on your back. So there is the strong possibility that you will end up spurting semen all over yourself. Much easier to clean up if you have no clothes on. So please disrobe.”

After he got undressed, I had him climb onto the examination table and lay on his back. His penis was still fully erect and sticking straight up.

“Now this is similar to the last test but I will be masturbating you. When you feel your orgasm approaching you need to tell me and I will stop. I realize that sometimes accidents will happen and even though I stop masturbating your penis, semen may still shoot out. That’s ok. We will keep doing this until we get it right. If you are able to stop, we will give you a minute or so to calm down and then repeat the procedure. The idea is to try to bring you to the brink of orgasm without ejaculating as many times as possible. The plan is that this will train you to hold off on your orgasm for a more reasonable length of time.”

“How many times do you think we will do this? Will you be able to train me today?”

“Oh no. You have a very serious premature ejaculation problem. We will have to schedule a weekly session for training and it could take several weeks to reach a satisfactory result. And each session could last up to two hours.”

“Do you mean I will come her once a week for two hours and all during that time you will be masturbating me? Will I get to cum each time?”

“Yes, that’s correct, and there is no way I will let you go home without achieving orgasm. Otherwise your testicles will be super painful. Now lay back, relax, and when you very first feel an orgasm approaching, let me know.” With that I grasped his erect organ and began to masturbate him.

“OK, I’m cumming,” he cried out after just a couple of minutes. I immediately stopped jacking his cock but a spurt of semen shot out followed by several others. This kid is a regular cum machine, I thought.

Before he could start apologizing, I told him not to worry about it. I had said before that accidents can happen. I explained to him that he was super orgasmic which was a typical condition with premature ejaculation and that the more we continued the procedure the more control he would develop. This time I gave him about five minutes recovery time. During this period I cleaned up the cum from his body.

The next two times, even though he cried out that he was cumming, he still ejaculated after I stopped. It’s possible to prevent this by pinching off the base of his cock. The semen is re-directed back into the body instead of shooting out. This is harmless but it does hinder the orgasm sensation. I decided if he ejaculated one more time, I would have to resort to the pinching solution. But luckily by the third time when he told me he was cumming and I stopped, no ejaculation occurred. I wasn’t sure if this was because he was totally drained of semen or if it was because he was gaining better control.

I was a bit disappointed that no pre-cum had drooled out of his penis while I masturbated him. Possibly he didn’t make any. I know some men don’t do it regularly. Maybe once we got to where the individual masturbation sessions lasted longer between stoppages, he would produce some pre-cum.

For the next hour we continued the procedure with me stopping stroking his penis when he told me he was cumming. And each time nothing happened. Finally he told me that his testicles were getting sore so I knew it was time to finally let him cum. I started jacking him off and even though we had been going at it for close to an hour without him cumming, it actually took a bit longer than I expected before he cried out that his orgasm was imminent. This time I just increased my grip on his penis and also sped up the up and down motion on his cock and within a few seconds we were both rewarded by a surprisingly voluminous cumshot. It was a bit more watery than usual but there was a lot of it. I didn’t think to count them but there had to be at least 10 or 12 separate spurts of semen. And the first couple of shots were quite powerful. I was able to keep most of the semen spurting onto his body with one of the first shots hitting his face. I quickly grabbed a cloth and wiped the semen from his face while apologizing for my poor aim.

“That’s ok,” he replied. “That felt so good that I didn’t care at all where it went. That was an amazing orgasm.”

“I think we have made some good progress today,” I said. “I need to warn you that when we have our next session, it likely will not start up where this one left off. We may have to go through a masturbation or two where you ejaculate even after I stop stroking your penis. But each session will get better until after a few weeks we have total control of your orgasms.”

“That sounds wonderful,” he gushed. “I am really looking forward to next week. Will you continue to jerk me off, uh, I mean masturbate me, or will you have me do it once I get better control?”

In truth, that would be the normal procedure. But I wasn’t about to give up handling the kid’s really nice penis and making it shoot.

“Yes, I will continue to do the masturbating. It’s best to maintain a consistent experience. I have a certain routine, grip and speed that I use when masturbating you and if we switched to you doing it in the middle of the training period, it could set us back a few weeks.”

“I’m glad to hear that. I love the way you stroke my cock. It feels so much better when you do it.”

“Remember that I am a trained professional and I am only interested in maintaining a procedure that solves your problem as soon as possible.” I knew the kid would prefer if the treatment went on for months or even years. What red-blooded American boy wouldn’t want an attractive woman to jack him off for hours on end.

I realized he had never mentioned how long he could last when receiving a blowjob. Possibly he had never had one. Once I got his masturbation premature ejaculation problem taken care of, maybe I will see how long he lasts receiving a highly professional blowjob. That might require another series of training sessions with me sucking his dick each week.


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