I Work In A Doctors Office

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Introduction She\'s only 23 but she\'s seen more cocks than any other girl her age.

Chapter 5 - I Work In A Doctor's Office Part V

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Working in an urologist's office allows a young medical assistant to be exposed to multiple erect cocks
If you followed my previous stories you will know I am a young, attractive medical assistant who works for an urologist. It is rare for women to be in the urology field but I chose it because I am fascinated with the penis. Unfortunately, most of our patients are older but enough young men come in to keep me interested. And even some of the older guys are a treat. Because of my abilities my doctor has become more and more confident that I can handle a great many examinations and procedures that he usually does himself.

For example, one exam that I do frequently is to digitally check men’s testicles to look for any lumps or other deformities, which could be a precursor to more serious problems. This is a rather simple procedure. The patient removes his pants and underwear and sits on the edge of the examination table with his legs spread. I sit on a stool between his legs and with both hands I basically do what amounts to a massage of his ball sack. I can easily determine if there are any problems within about 20 or 30 seconds but I normally stretch this exam out to several minutes. Of course the patient’s bare penis is right there and the back of my hands and fingers usually end up touching it. Nearly every one of my patients achieves an erection while I am basically fondling his balls.

Once I have completed the examination of his testicles I also do an examination of his penis. While this technically is not part of the exam, I feel that it’s worth checking all aspects of his genital health. Although irregularities almost never are found during a penis inspection, there is always a remote possibility that something might turn up although I have never found anything. If my patient has not had a circumcision, I always roll his foreskin back and carefully examine the sensitive area right behind the glans and coronal ridge. After a very intensive visual inspection, I give the foreskin several back and forth tugs to make sure he doesn’t have an overly tight foreskin. If he does, the doctor can alleviate the problem with a very simple incision.

One of the most embarrassing incidents that I ever experienced was I had a young patient come in. He was only about 16. His dad had brought him in because the kid’s foreskin was so tight that when he got an erection it was nearly impossible to roll his foreskin back. I started the exam by retracting his foreskin before he was fully hard. I needed to get a full erection to see just how tight the foreskin was. But as I gently rolled his foreskin back and forth to get him hard, he achieved orgasm and shot streams of cum right onto my chest. Damn teenagers!

Anyway, he was mortified and while I usually enjoy seeing a cock spurt out streams of semen, this time, because I really wasn’t expecting it, plus he made a big mess on my smock, I wasn’t too happy about it. But I acted like it was no big deal and told him not to worry about it. I could tell he was on the verge of crying he was so humiliated. I cleaned myself up as much as possible and also wiped the semen off of his penis. I continued to stroke it until he was fully hard and sure enough, his foreskin was exceedingly tight and I couldn’t pull it back over the glans. I had the doctor come look at it and he agreed that a minor surgical procedure was called for.

After the doctor performed the surgery and the boy healed up, he came back in for a follow-up exam, which I took care of. This time I was able to easily move his foreskin back and forth even after he was fully hard.

“I am sorry I spurted on you the last time you examined me,” he said. “I really felt bad about making a mess on you.”

“Look,” I replied, “I know that you didn’t do it on purpose. Young boys are very easily aroused and can achieve ejaculation with almost no stimulation. I should have been ready for it.”

“I felt really embarrassed and humiliated but I got over it pretty quickly because it really felt good. It was one of the best feelings. I wouldn’t mind if you did it again.”

“Yeah, I bet you wouldn’t. I really shouldn’t do anything like that. But if in the process of my examination, the stimulation becomes more than you can handle, who knows what might occur?” With that I proceeded to start masturbating him, taking care where his cock was pointed. It didn’t take too many strokes before he started shooting his cum again, this time into a large towel I had on my lap. I made sure this time to continue to stroke his teen cock until I had milked all of the semen out onto the towel. The previous time he had spurted on me I had let go of his cock like it was a hot poker.

“Ok,” I said, “it looks like everything is working the way it’s supposed to. How did that feel? Any pain? Any discomfort?”

“Omigod, that was the best feeling I have ever had. Much better than when I jack off myself. When can I come back for another exam?”

“Why don’t you schedule a second follow-up in a couple of weeks just to make sure there are no problems,” I said as I gave him a wink.

On another occasion I was giving a routine genital exam to a really good looking man of about 45. As usual my ministrations to his testicles had produced a hard on. But I would class this one as a ‘raging’ hard on. His cock became rock hard. One of the most impressive erections I had ever experienced and by now I had seen hundreds if not thousands of erect cocks. I was quite fascinated and he could tell it.

“That’s quite an impressive erection,” I told him.

“You think so? That’s what my girl friends tell me. I’m glad a trained professional like yourself agrees.”

“Any woman would be impressed with a penis that could achieve that level of hardness.” I wrapped my hand around it and squeezed. “Just like a bar of steel.”

“So what are we going to do? You aren’t going to send me home with my dick this hard, are you.”

“I’m sorry but we can’t engage in any sexual conduct. I could get in a lot of trouble. But I have to finish the examination. While you are here, I think it would be appropriate to perform a prostate exam as well.”

I had him lay back on the exam table. Then had him pull his legs up with his feet flat on the table. This was not the usual position for a prostate exam but I had other ideas. I put a rubber glove on my right hand and coated my index finger liberally with lubricant. I also smeared some on his anus. With my bare hand I reached up and grasped his still steel hard erection and inserted my lubed finger in his anus. I massaged his prostate gland and watched as some watery semen started to drip from his penis. Then I started slowly masturbating his cock while continuing to apply pressure to his prostate gland with my finger. It didn’t take long before he couldn’t take it any more and semen began to gush out of his cock. He fortunately had on one of the hospital gowns, which became soaked in spunk. It seemed like his orgasm went on forever with more and more white goo spurting out of his distended penis. Finally it slacked off to just a few dribbles.

“Wow,” he exclaimed, “without a doubt that was the best medical examination I have ever had. With no sexual conduct involved either,” he said with a smirk on his face.

I tossed him a couple of towels and suggested he clean himself up. I pulled the rubber glove off and tossed it in a waste receptacle. Then washed the semen off of my other hand.

He peeled off the gown and tossed it in the waste receptacle along with the cum soaked towels. He stood there before me totally naked without a hint of embarrassment. His cock still jutted out from his body. I gave it a little squeeze and suggested it was time he got dressed. I bent over and planted a wet kiss on the tip of his prick and walked out of the exam room.


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