Being Black in Korea Isn't as Easy as You Think

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Introduction Zamarie explains her life and about her family

Chapter 1 - My Family

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I woke up to the sweet smell of waffles, the beautiful sounds of birds chirping and the rays of sun on my smooth brown skin.

“Breakfast is ready Zamarie,” My mom yelled up the stairs,” wake up your sister so you both can eat.”

I got up and changed out of my clothes and took a shower, I now wore a plain white t-shirt and blue basket ball shorts my hair in a high ponytail now ruined from bed-head, and my white ankle socks. Ja’Zeriah (My sister) walked into my room unexpectedly.

“Why momma always gotta shout this ain’t the projects, We in Seoul, South Korea not Miami, Florida?” Ja’Zeriah asked while plopping down on my bed.

“Does it look like I know or care? Ever since we came here you’ve been complaining about everything, just give Korea a chance.” I told her while walking over to my dresser to comb my hair.

“Look were in a whole notha country it don’t even make since here, the food is weird, people speak to fast in Korean so my basic Korean doesn’t really work and why you trippin about what I’m doin? “ Ja Ja(je’Zeraih) asks while I comb my hair.

“I’m just saying you talk so ghetto no wonder no one speaks English to you, what Korean do you even know, and I’m not trippin about you, just telling you like it is, and besides the food is pretty good here so get of my case.” I tell her.

Ja Ja roles her eyes and watches me comb my hair.

“I said get up the foods done!” My mom shouts.

My sister roles her eyes and says to me, “We comin dang da food ain’t goina get cold, if so all we gotta do is use da microwave.”

I just shake my head in a shameful way and tell her to come on so we can eat.

“annyeong ttal.” (Hello daughters) My Korean father says to us as we sit at the table.

“annyeong appa.” (Hello dad) Je’Zeriah and I say in unison.

“Oh, dangsin-ui hangug-eo jal jigo.” (Your Korean is getting very good). Dad says while putting syrup on his waffles.

“Gamsa.”(Thanks) me and Ja Ja say in unison.

“I am so happy we can finally be here together as a family.” My father says in his thick Korean accent.

We moved here just yesterday but we took a whole month getting stuff together. My mom met my dad in Korea on vacation. He is actually surprisingly tall he has black hair and brown eyes and a very thick Korean accent. He’s very nice and was born in japan. So he speaks Japanese, Korean and English. He only speaks Korean to my mother, Je’Zeriah and I. Ja Ja has been very upset about the move she refused to learn Korean but has picked up on a lot of the dialect which is good enough for her.

Our apartment has 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, a dining room and a living room/ kitchen.

“appaga eotteohge geosdeul i ilhagoissda?” (So dads how are things at work?) I asked while stuffing a piece of bacon into my mouth.

My father smiled proudly of me and said, “aju joh-eun deogbun-e nae innaesim danji jogeum gwaenchanh eunde gakkeum.” (Very good thanks my patience’s just get a little feisty once in a while).

I nod and continue eating.
My dad was a psychologist and my mother was a school teacher she teaches English.
They both have been very successful in their careers. AS for me I’m a 14 year old freshman in high school and my sister is 13 in the eighth grade.
My mother seems proud of our conversation and asks Je’Zeriah about her self. Of course Ja Ja says nothing but I guess that’s just how she is. Now you know me and my family.

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