Teen Plus Drama Equals Self Abuse

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Introduction Kayleigh Lee is a 15 year old girl who has so much drama in her life. She does horrible things to her self. And mom doesn't seem to notice that kayleigh wants her attention badly. What ever will she do?

Chapter 1 - The Way We Get By

I never thought that hurting my self was wrong; it never hurt no matter how hard I tried the pain never came. I cut myself, hit myself and even burn myself. I feel better and like all the problems in my life can just go away if I hurt my body. You’re probably wondering why I do these horrible things. It’s all the drama in my life everything is dramatized. I get bullied, and my mom always is too busy at work to even talk to me. Why’d she have to be a brain surgeon? My dad is a lazy drunk who left us for another family and my 16 year old brother Tyler got on drugs by the age of 14 and he ran away. So far it’s just me.

It was a dark December night, Saturday December 1, 2011

I woke up to the cold air flowing into my room from my window. Being me I just sat there lazily not wanting to get up to do anything.
Maybe if I get hypothermia my mom will pay attention to me, quit her job, and move us to Hawaii or something.
But I know better the fantasies in my head will never happen. A breeze blew into my room. I shivered from the extreme cold. I had to do something so I got up and closed my window. I plopped back down on the bed unable to go back to sleep. I thought about how my life would be different if I did not live here; a beautiful place, a mother, father and brother who love me.

ME, me, me, me my mom says that I think the world revolves around me. It’s not true I am not selfish! I am very kind and caring. I give and do not wish to receive. I love but no one loves me.

I got up shook the thoughts out of my head and walked over to my dresser. I grabbed underwear, my deodorant, an undershirt and then I walked over to my closet I grabbed a baggy gray hoodie and black baggy sweatpants. What’s the point of dressing up when you’re ugly? I walked into my blue tiled bathroom and took a long extremely hot shower, just the way I like it the water makes my thoughts go away, and erases my pain(if I ever get any). After the hot shower I did my normal routine. After I got done I went downstairs to start my day.

I made sure to bump into everything on my way down. Hopefully the noise will wake my mom, she can say “what’s wrong?” And then take me some place far way from here with her by my side.

NO STOP! Stop these horrible thoughts that seek into my mind. A fantasy is not real it always ends up dead!
I can’t take it and I bang my head against the wall waiting and hoping to see the blood. I bang my head so hard a picture falls off the wall. It was a picture of the happy family we used to be, now theirs nothing but blood dripping onto it. I scream and throw the picture at the wall; I then proceed to claw my face with my fingernails.

I can’t help my self I NEED THE PAIN! Then my mom will love me again things will be good! We can travel and ……


“Kayleaigh! Kayleaigh?” My mom shouts from the top of the stairs before rushing down the stairs towards me.

“What is wrong with you I’m trying to sleep? What happened to your head, your face? And the picture? And the wall?” My mom asks.

I mutter “Everything” and run to my room.

She yells for me but I ignore her. Some things are better left a secret.


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