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Chapter 1 - the shadow in the darkness

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Maxie was an average teenage male. Walking home from school. Just like every other teenager. But today he had to stay after school for a project.It was now 7:00 at night. it was dark. a slight breeze in the wind. a fog slowly appearing into sight. and up in the sky, stars were shining bright in the sky along with the ghostly glow of the full moon. he had to walk through the forest to reach his house. he had been walking the same way for so long that there was now a skinny dirt path showing ever so slightly. maxie soon noticed from the corner of his eye, a strange figure hide behind a tree. he thought nothing of it a continued to walk home. but when he saw the figure hid behind another tree, now closer to the direction that he was heading in, he stopped. he then dropped the backpack that he had flung over his shoulder. as maxie decided, ever so stupidly, to walk over to the tree that the figure was hiding behind, he heard a twig snap from behind!and there, the man was, crouched down next to maxies backpack, his arms slowly shuffling through the stuff that was personal in some ways, but also, just some random crap that he decided to shove in there. maxie wanted to yell at the man but decided not to. because he knew that if he did, the man would be startled and then run away. maxie noticed a medium sized stick that was laying right in front of him. and he decided to crouch down and grasp it.

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