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Chapter 2 - new blood

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Maxie felt the stick in his hand. a hard and stiff feel to it. rugged. and yet, maxie felt good grasping it. he slowly started to stand up. still looking at the man, who maxie could not figure out any of the features of his body. as in how big the nose and such. maxie decide not to go straight toward to man, but to circle him and walk up to him from behind, so he wouldn't notice him. he began to circle. and the man didnt notice him, just as planned. maxie blinked his eyes. and in that one tiny moment, the man had vanished out of sight! he started to walk toward his backpack, wanting to know if the figure had taken anything from him. as he reached his pack, he noticed that nothing was gone. he then stood up and started walking home again. then his hands were swiftly pulled behind him and tied together. a hand was put over his mouth right before he was going to gasp for air. and a chilling voice started whisping out these words. "if you move, i will cut off your head. and if you yell, i will sew you lips together." and following the words that the man had spoken, he stood still and kept quiet. and maxie then felt a bony scraggly finger slide down the side of his neck. "oh what a good catch i have made," the man said while still stroking maxie's neck. the man had then started moving his head closer to maxie's neck. he then opened his mouth wide. and maxie noticed that the man had fangs! a streak of sweat ran down his forehead. and at that moment, maxie felt a piercing pain in his neck as the man bit his neck. and then the night, all so black, became even blacker, and slowly started to fade away.

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