Teenage Miles

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Introduction Fifteen year old Roni Benson tries to get through tough times after her dad's death and her pregnancy. She writes in her diary almost everyday.

Chapter 1

January 18, 2006
Hi!!! My name is Roni Benson. Today is my birthday and I turned 10 years old. I get this diary today and I can't wait to write more in it!!!

January 23, 06
Today I hung out with Ferren!! Ferren is my next door neighbor and he is my bestest friend!!! I've always had a little crush on him but he is like my brother!! My parents have always liked him. Especially daddy, daddy loves Ferren. Ferren is really handsome, with brown curly hair and green eyes. Maybe he can play tomorrow too!!! Guess I will see!!!!

February 1, 06
Nothing much has happened for a while. Me and Ferren have had some more play dates though. Awwww, he is so nice!!! Except, on Jan 30, my cat ran away. I was so sad I cried!! We look everywh-

May 7, 2011
Oh my God, that was me? I was so happy. I remember this diary. I litterally just found it burried under my bed. Now I'm 15. Wow, Feb 1, that entry. When I read that I cried. As I'm writing now, the tears are still falling. I remember that day exactly. I was writing about that stupid cat when the whole house just started shaking. EVERYTHING was shaking. I remember mom was in the kitchen reading a book at the dining table and my dad was working on something on the roof. That's when my dad died. Probably the worst day of my life. When the earthquake started, he was on a ladder right beside our front porch. Then, the ladder came crashing down on top of the porch, by dad was found under the ladder with our front porch DESTROYED. And broken into pieces, some of those pieces found stuck into my own dad. So, yea, that's what happened. Lots have changed since then. My mom is on pills, and I'm much more of a quiet person. And Ferren? He's still next door. And still my best friend. Him & his family helped out a lot when my dad died. Ferren loved my dad, and I KNOW my dad loved Ferren too. Anyways, that's all I feel like writing for the night. I might as well vent out my feelings in this thing. -R.

May 10, 11
I am so worn out. I have exams all next week. Ferren came over today and we studied for hours together. I've always had feelings for Ferren. I don't know how he feels about me. We've always been really close.

May 23, 11
Passed all of my exams, thank God. Ferren is coming over for dinner with me and my mom later. Good night.


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I am really getting into this. I can really imagine the story. Good writing

Nov 23, 2014 9:15am


make moreee !!!

Jul 26, 2011 11:45pm


ooh, i love this! make more? (:

Jun 28, 2011 9:37pm

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