Teenage Love Story (really sad)

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Introduction There was these two kids, their names were Talin Masey and Tanner Herson. Talin is 14 and Tanner is 16. They are both neighbors and they go to the same school. Talin ends up a very sad mentaly destressed teenager. Tanner don'y know what hes done. A very sad story!!! You might cry.

Chapter 4 - back at home again

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Talin walks in to her parents fighting again. "wow my day could not get any better", Talin whispered to the shadows on the wall. From Talin's bedroom this is all you could hear, mom"you come home drunk every night and you expect me to just be happy about it." dad" i don't have a problem all you do is complain but, im the one who puts the food on the table for my family." Yeah loving family isn't it. Talin sits in her room hoping that her daddy don't come in her room tonight. She don't think she can handle another encounter .. Bang! the door to Talin's bedroom slams open and hits the wall. "now has my princess been a good girl or a bad girl." Talin knew not to say anthing but, even if she did she knew it wasn't going to help. "What's wrong, cat got your tongue." he takes off the belt he was wearing and smacks her across the face. Talin falls to the ground. "have you been being a little whore again," "coming home at different hours of the night, we don't know where you been are who your with. Her dad snatches her up and puts her back on the bed. " Now i will show you what reall whores get as punishment." He stands up and takes off his faded blue jean pants...

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