The Beat Of The Africans Drums (A Romantic Intense Novel)

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Introduction This book is a romantic and intense play using the following characters: Main character is Bilal Obantu: He is a tall and dark African teenager who is 17 years old with curly Black hair and nice clothes. His dream is to be a famous singer and maybe even as crazy as Lady Gaga someday. He is secretly a jinn and doesn't like humans much but that's only if you bother him. Bilal's Family: He has a Mum who is a writer and a Dad who is a Office worker and he has got one older brother. Bilal's Brother: Kenya is Bilal's brother who is 18, technically Kenya is like Bilal's twin but not really. Kenya is sharp, rude and very arrogant and always likes being right and wont admit when he's wrong at all. Bilal's Friends: Ali Uddin who is 16 and is Bilal's closest friend, he is Indian boy who is funny and smart and loves making anybody laugh, mostly Africans. He hangs with Bilal at mostly school but just about follows Bilal anywhere. Raihan: Bilal's friend who dreams of being a dj and a famous singer like Bilal himself his goals are very high and he is always determined to win. Yusuf: Bilal's quietest Arab friend who loves everybody and likes being solo most of the time, Yusuf has great ideas but never uses them. *Thats it hope you enjoy the book!*

Chapter 1 - Chapter One; Please Don't Stop The Music

Chapter One- Bilal's House:

Bilal: Na na come on, let the beat drop, drop, drop....

Kenya: What are you doing?

Bilal: Drying my pants! Why?

Kenya: Because you look stupid singing and drying.

Bilal: Whatever if you have a problem just admit it

Kenya: The problem is you Bilal, you think you'd make a good singer but really its nothing special at all.

Bilal: Shut up Kenya, I am the best of all.

Kenya: Whatever.

End of Chapter One.


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