Let's Fall Apart Together Now

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Introduction "I'm sorry, it wasn't supposed to happen like this." He apologized his eyes already starting to grey with sleep. My Chemical Romance Gerard and Mikey Way fanfiction brotherly love/Waycest implied

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do not own nor do I claim to own anything but the idea for this fanfiction all lyrics used belong to My Chemical Romance

I think it was the shock of the event more than anything. Gerard drank heavily it was a well known fact and we'd all more or less come to terms with it. Sure we enjoyed our fair share of drunken stupidity but this time was different this time it had gone to far. The bright florescent hospital lights made my brothers already pale skin look all the more deathly. If it weren't for the bandages and IV's you'd think he was just sleeping, but Gerard had been in a comma for almost a week now and I was scared to death.
"Mikey you can't sit there forever go home already." I looked towards the door to see Frank and Ray, the realization that yet another day had passed dawning on me.
"Hey guys." I greeted flatly ignoring their previous comment, my eyes drifting backtomy brothers commatose form.
"Any changes?" Ray asked as Frank tossed another pile of missed schoolwork on the roll-away dinner tray.
"Nothing." these daily visits from the guys where getting progressively more depressing each time. They meant well, which is more than I can say for most of Gerards so called friends, but it was clear that this was a situation that they just weren't sure how to react to. With a brief wave from Ray and a concerned smile from Frank they took their leave, sparing their bedridden friend one last glance before exiting the room.
Only then did I stop to think on that opening comment, they were probably right I hadn't left his side for more than ten minutes since the EMT's had rolled him into the ER. I hadn't touched the ever growing stack of assignments Frank had brought me from school, the first couple days he made a point to mumble something about "fuck in teachers" and school obviously not being the top priority.
For what must have been the millionth time that week I lifted Gerards hand off of the grossly white hospital sheets, bentley pulling it to my face cursing myself for the tears threatening to spill over once again. I placed his hand back on the bed and dragged myself to my feet, it was time for another raid on the various vending machines scattered throughout the hospital. Before leaving the room I leaned over his still body kissing the bridge of his nose careful not to disturb the bandages around his forehead. I ran into our mother in the lobby she had been there almost as often as I had but she couldn't bring herself to spend more than a couple minutes in his room without breaking down so she kept mostly to the gift shop and waiting areas.
The nurse was changing the dressings on his wounds when I returned, I took my seat by my brothers bed without acknowledging her sympathetic smile.
I fell asleep some time after the nurse left leaning against Gerards bed holding his hand in mine once again.
"Mikey?" it wasn't so much the voice that roused me but more the fingers partially lacing themselves with my own.
"Gee!" I shot straight up happily making eye contact with my brother for the first time in seven incredibly long days. I touched his face and his hair my heart pounding double time. "Are you alright, how do you feel?"
"I'm sorry it wasn't supposed to happen like this." he apologized his eyes already starting to grey with sleep.
"Don't say that Gee you're going to be alright." even as I spoke I had my fears, I had seen how bad the wound was when they brought him in. The nurse must have heard my panicking because she raced in examining the various monitors as Gerard pulled my face down closer to his.
"If you say goodbye today I'd ask you to be true," he sang in a a quiet melodic voice I was pretty sure I was the only one that could hear him but I was crying to hard at this point to really notice the hospital staff now buzzing around me. "Because the hardest part of this is leaving you." His whispered song transitioned beautifully into the now steady beep of the heart monitor as his eyes drifted closed "I love you Mikey."
The next minutes were a blur of tears, hospital personelshouting orders, andnoisey machines. The next clear thing I remember hearing was the first nurse solemlycalling for time of death, killing the now useless equipment surrounding the bed. I was frozen in place my thoughts running rampant through my stunned and traumatized psyche. "You're not dead, you always say so yourself you can't be dead Gerard...I love you."


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