50 Brand New Stories

Title Author Votes
My High School Love Life hxcsingingsk8r 568
The Christmas miracle sweetpanda 287
Poem - "Memories Are The Only Proof" pinkchocolate 224
The Forgotten Fear pinkchocolate 673
Me and a Moderator Friend, Kris. xx-kingofwarfare1 292
The Hidden Truth Behind These Lies (Warrior Fanfic) riverstar 464
a sad change in life becomes a better way of life catladyfun 378
All Around The World afterday 293
A poem by Maddie maddielynn333 406
A poem by Maddie maddielynn333 370
A poem by Maddie maddielynn333 226
Sending Virtual Hug sociallyawkwardems 261
The Calling. *FINISHED -15/8/14* katrinakaif2000 761
Out of Sight, In the Mind zenithca 181
Through the Glasses zenithca 178
Once Upon a Time teigerlillies 196
Just another teenage girl's diary. -FINISHED- katrinakaif2000 542
The Last Job [Supernatural Short] dinoorawrr 224
can this be true sweetpanda 225
Not just one Story.... katrinakaif2000 1878
Just Her and Her Loneliness ... or Was it? pinkchocolate 271
a real life fairy tale sweetpanda 272
A not so normal teenage love story. -FINISHED- katrinakaif2000 1742
Love on the sea sexygreeneyes76 400
You come home from work sexygreeneyes76 429
Kidnapped by Jason Mccan! ~FINISHED~ {50 chap} katrinakaif2000 2031
Eternal Night linz4488 427
Many Many More twilightlover1234 475
Imagines.... belieber18forever 309
Super(cell's) Short Stories supercell 492
The Boy and the Magical Robot kurumitypo 297
love as a kid i-am-alexis12 211
Untitled 9kittykat12 259
Ten Year Old Mother -DONE- xxdark-angelxx 486
We finally fall in love! belieber18forever 248
I accept *COMPLETED* katrinakaif2000 520
Samantha's Diary: I Was Kidnapped! -NOT DONE- anonymous1girl 316
*Samantha' anonymous1girl 163
Blood Bath anonymous1girl 258
DONT READ THIS STORY I HATE IT NOW thetrollfacegirl 351
The Imperfect Match trollfacegirl 205
Worst Six Years emily006 181
A love -FINISHED- katrinakaif2000 752
all about me and my life tia8frank99 262
my singing life tia8frank99 198
Last breath *COMPLETED* {35 chap} katrinakaif2000 1157
Disabled to Movie Star emily006 263
Double Life. *FINISHED* katrinakaif2000 796
How it all began (this is a true story) felicity25 191
holloween bear schoolbieber 319

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Math Tutor.

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hxcsingingsk8r wrote a new Chapter called
Trying To Move On.

Mar 27, 2015 8:58pm

hxcsingingsk8r wrote a new Chapter called

Mar 16, 2015 3:15pm

hxcsingingsk8r wrote a new Chapter called
Summer Break '09.

Mar 12, 2015 4:56pm

hxcsingingsk8r wrote a new Chapter called
My Sixteenth Birthday.

Feb 25, 2015 4:08pm