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Pink Chocolates Won't Sell... katrinakaif2000 5893
Katrina Speaks: Katrina's Journal pinkchocolate 5016
Teenage Love Story (really sad) lazybaby41 4308
the most important person in my life. wildatheart356 4025
Bad things happen for a reason *FINISHED* {90 chapterz} katrinakaif2000 3987
My High School Love Life hxcsingingsk8r 3670
Not just one Story.... ~FINISHED~ katrinakaif2000 3507
Kidnapped by Jason Mccan! ~FINISHED~ {50 chap} katrinakaif2000 3268
Bieber's Little Sister. ~FINISHED~ katrinakaif2000 3194
A not so normal teenage love story. -FINISHED- katrinakaif2000 3161
Being Black in Korea Isn't as Easy as You Think ilovelanguagess 3026
You Are My Everything. toridx33 2919
A GowlandxJulius [from Alice in the Country of Hearts] Yaoi Fanfic miku-hatsune-01 2870
Sympathetic Passion smalltowndreamer 2807
𝑺𝑻𝑨𝑳𝑲𝑬𝑫. katrinakaif2000 2470
Roses and Guns. katrinakaif2000 2463
It's A Love Story, Baby Just Say...Yes. toridx33 2209
Last breath *COMPLETED* {35 chap} katrinakaif2000 1990
The Forgotten Fear pinkchocolate 1987
Undress to Depress katrinakaif2000 1978
The Calling. *FINISHED -15/8/14* katrinakaif2000 1945
Kamala: The Life and Death story of My Number 1 Cat vcat123 1894
Freshman Year toridx33 1846
My Bestfriend's Girl (an Austin Mahone and Alex Constancio Love Story) ilovemtu 1846
Living As Me darthjuju 1828
Since I Met You pinkchocolate 1815
the Craft Gang jqiscool 1765
Last Breath -UPDATED- katrinakaif2000 1756
Dani's in Danger. blizzy15 1726
Catching Feelings (A Justin Bieber Love Story) ilovemtu 1620
Torchwood Rules torchwoodhub 1619
One of The Boys lunaeclipse 1597
Double Life. *FINISHED* katrinakaif2000 1584
Love Story sam445 1551
These Undying Sins.(GxG) xxacidxinsanityxx 1526
No way this is an all boys school for demons werewolfs and vampires! awesomeninja 1524
A love -FINISHED- katrinakaif2000 1511
The Christmas miracle sweetpanda 1486
The Johnson Kids jennybenny318 1481
My Heart Beats For You toridx33 1477
My "College" Love Life hxcsingingsk8r 1477
Just another teenage girl's diary. -FINISHED- katrinakaif2000 1423
& love really just happens. xxxpaigeisinlovexxx 1408
Phaedra the Wizard loonytc 1381
This is not a love story neonlove 1330
Just Love Me candyforever 1323
Please....Dont hurt me! lucifers-darkness 1321
Dear Heart. unconscious-reality 1300
Drake and Samantha Sitting in a Tree... mysterion 1279
Valentine's Day at City County High School andy 1251

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