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Title Author Votes
Teenage Love Story (really sad) lazybaby41 2392
Bad things happen for a reason *FINISHED* katrinakaif2000 2296
Being Black in Korea Isn't as Easy as You Think ilovelanguagess 1996
the most important person in my life. wildatheart356 1869
You Are My Everything. toridx33 1835
It's A Love Story, Baby Just Say...Yes. toridx33 1266
Freshman Year toridx33 1116
Kidnapped by Jason Mccan! ~FINISHED~ katrinakaif2000 1017
Dani's in Danger. blizzy15 1005
Sympathetic Passion smalltowndreamer 973
Torchwood Rules torchwoodhub 842
No way this is an all boys school for demons werewolfs and vampires! awesomeninja 831
Phaedra the Wizard loonytc 810
the Craft Gang jqiscool 806
Love Story sam445 805
One of The Boys lunaeclipse 788
A Pirate Story andy 764
Last breath *COMPLETED* katrinakaif2000 747
Dear Heart. unconscious-reality 738
& love really just happens. xxxpaigeisinlovexxx 731
All I can do kurtcobainluver27 656
The Johnson Kids jennybenny318 654
Just Love Me candyforever 650
This is not a love story neonlove 642
Kamala: The Life and Death story of My Number 1 Cat vcat123 636
Hidden Place -thoughtlessdork 632
My Story ouilleaux 607
A not so normal teenage love story. -FINISHED- katrinakaif2000 603
Ashes peacechild123 599
Catching Feelings (A Justin Bieber Love Story) ilovemtu 590
Double Life. *FINISHED* katrinakaif2000 566
Valentine's Day at City County High School andy 560
Silk, My Beloved Cat fiona0011 552
Please....Dont hurt me! lucifers-darkness 548
A Lot Of Things All At once... kenziiboo810 545
A GowlandxJulius [from Alice in the Country of Hearts] Yaoi Fanfic miku-hatsune-01 544
So Sad jennybenny318 540
Creeper on Velvet Road s3xii-stunna 538
17 Signs of falling in love awesomeninja 538
Indoors. zanessa 533
ninpires kiyohiko 530
My Bestfriend's Girl (an Austin Mahone and Alex Constancio Love Story) ilovemtu 530
Daydream dc123 519
All my high school years! wildatheart356 517
The Forest musikgal 509
My Heart Beats For You toridx33 508
Judesonia Falaray Memoirs of a Mermaid (Book one in The New Age of Power series jilliaf96 503
A love -FINISHED- katrinakaif2000 502
Drake and Samantha Sitting in a Tree... mysterion 500
Kiss me. skittlelover 490

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one night can REALLY change everything after all..... .

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I love both of them?.

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