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Bad things happen for a reason *FINISHED* {90 chapterz} katrinakaif2000 2798
Teenage Love Story (really sad) lazybaby41 2752
Being Black in Korea Isn't as Easy as You Think ilovelanguagess 2199
the most important person in my life. wildatheart356 2011
You Are My Everything. toridx33 2003
Kidnapped by Jason Mccan! ~FINISHED~ {50 chap} katrinakaif2000 1885
A not so normal teenage love story. -FINISHED- katrinakaif2000 1602
Not just one Story.... katrinakaif2000 1458
It's A Love Story, Baby Just Say...Yes. toridx33 1396
Freshman Year toridx33 1208
Sympathetic Passion smalltowndreamer 1106
Dani's in Danger. blizzy15 1091
Last breath *COMPLETED* {35 chap} katrinakaif2000 1073
Torchwood Rules torchwoodhub 966
No way this is an all boys school for demons werewolfs and vampires! awesomeninja 954
the Craft Gang jqiscool 933
My Bestfriend's Girl (an Austin Mahone and Alex Constancio Love Story) ilovemtu 889
Phaedra the Wizard loonytc 881
Love Story sam445 875
One of The Boys lunaeclipse 863
A GowlandxJulius [from Alice in the Country of Hearts] Yaoi Fanfic miku-hatsune-01 859
A Pirate Story andy 825
& love really just happens. xxxpaigeisinlovexxx 817
Dear Heart. unconscious-reality 800
Kamala: The Life and Death story of My Number 1 Cat vcat123 791
Catching Feelings (A Justin Bieber Love Story) ilovemtu 789
The Johnson Kids jennybenny318 757
Just Love Me candyforever 733
Double Life. *FINISHED* katrinakaif2000 732
All I can do kurtcobainluver27 728
This is not a love story neonlove 723
Hidden Place -thoughtlessdork 704
A love -FINISHED- katrinakaif2000 684
These Undying Sins.(GxG) xxacidxinsanityxx 683
My Story ouilleaux 661
Ashes peacechild123 659
The Calling. *FINISHED -15/8/14* katrinakaif2000 654
Please....Dont hurt me! lucifers-darkness 632
Valentine's Day at City County High School andy 629
Silk, My Beloved Cat fiona0011 628
A Lot Of Things All At once... kenziiboo810 625
Creeper on Velvet Road s3xii-stunna 615
Judesonia Falaray Memoirs of a Mermaid (Book one in The New Age of Power series jilliaf96 612
ninpires kiyohiko 605
All my high school years! wildatheart356 604
Drake and Samantha Sitting in a Tree... mysterion 602
17 Signs of falling in love awesomeninja 598
So Sad jennybenny318 588
My Heart Beats For You toridx33 586
Indoors. zanessa 579

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