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[-]  Things you want people to know about you!

Why did your parents choose your name?:
Do you wish you were older, younger, or the age you are now?:
Who do you admire the most?:
If you won $10,000 to donate to a charity, which would you choose?:
Are you religious at all?:

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Last taken 38 minutes ago

Created by mirthlessdoll
Medium - 59 230 G
[-]  We're the tyrants that guard the land

10 How\'s
How did you get one of your scars?
How did you celebrate your last birthday?
How are you feeling at this moment?
How did your night go last night?

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Last taken 2 hours ago

Created by lacertine
Medium - 55 218 PG
[+]  i've got you right where i want you, baby ;)

Medium - 44 238 G
[+]  i'm tired of being what you want me to be.

Medium - 60 138 G
[+]  you taste just like heaven, but god knows you're built for sin.

Medium - 44 187 G
[+]  If Santa's Watching Us, The Least We Can Do Is Be Entertaining(;

Medium - 41 92 G
[+]  oh baby, now i've got you.. ; )

Medium - 42 95 G
[+]  The sun is finally out!

Medium - 41 5 G
[+]  Random Survey 001

Long - 162 85 G
[+]  Don't try to fix me I'm not broken

Medium - 60 238 G
[+]  All You've Done Is Bleed Me Dry...

Long - 113 2031 PG
[+]  you make it impossible to love anyone else, <3.

Medium - 60 251 G
[+]  It's about time for a great survey, don't ya think?

Medium - 41 144 G
[+]  Random Questions For Your Entertainment

Medium - 44 263 PG
[+]  Spring is on its way!

Medium - 50 7 G
[+]  How would you live your life in the Harry Potter world?

Medium - 37 108 PG
[+]  Ex Boyfriend/Girlfriend Survey

Medium - 54 17 G
[+]  No more fears, no more crying

Medium - 30 252 G
[+]  The only survey that asks every specific detail about you

Medium - 28 63 G

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~ Looking Back On This Year - Reflect and Reminisce ~

What Has Been Your Biggest Regret?
The One Thing You Are Most Proud Of?
Single Most Memorable Moment?
The Drink Of This Year?
Get Any Scars?

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Times Taken: 1883
Questions: 57
Created by almightypeaches

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Oh girls just want to have funn!.

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If You Want To Help, Help Yourself..

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it's a bittersweet victory, knowing someone else wanted me..

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anything you do, let it come from you, then it will be new .

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