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[+]  There ain't no breeze to cool the heat of love. It's as clear as a sunrise in Sedona.

Medium - 28 148 G
[+]  I still remember how she was smelling like the summer time. [Summing Up The School Year!]

Medium - 28 129 G
[+]  Its the fire in her eyes, its the tear when she cries, its the heat when I fall on my knees.

Medium - 43 280 PG
[+]  When loneliness and paranoia feeds me, God help the person who needs me.

Medium - 41 158 G
[+]  Now everything changes, aint nothin the same. Im having the strangest feeling cant remember my name.

Medium - 71 79 G
[+]  Baby I'm a screamer, bound to a wife in marriage. Baby I'm a dreamer, found my horse and carriage.

Medium - 37 167 PG
[+]  It was easy to keep all your lies in disguise because you had me in deep with the devil in your eyes

Medium - 41 174 G
[+]  I sold my soul for a one night stand. I followed Alice into wonderland. :]

Medium - 41 111 G
[+]  Instead of growing old all dapper and neat, I'm gonna grow my hair right down to my feet.

Medium - 47 94 G
[+]  You're all up in the Kool-Aid but you do not know the flavor. :]

Medium - 54 110 G
[+]  I hear that you're so tight, your lovin' squeaks. (;

Medium - 37 122 G
[+]  Ain't got no rubbers now it's rainin' all the time, honey!

Medium - 44 63 G
[+]  Love put me wise to her love in disguise.

Long - 141 76 G
[+]  Noblemen with courage listen with their ears. Spoke but how discouraging when no one really hears.

Medium - 44 79 G
[+]  Love's four letters ain't in my dictionary. ;)

Medium - 43 110 PG
[+]  I know it's everybody's sin, you gotta lose to know how to win.

Medium - 29 60 G
[+]  Don't make no sense lighting candles. There's too much moonlight in my life.

Medium - 28 94 G
[+]  But when she cried at night, no one cared. And when she cried at night, went insane.

Medium - 56 236 G