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MySpace Survey '06
BaSiC InFo
Name:Justine Manley
Birthdate:6th of December 1989
Birthplace:Victoria hospital, Mahe, Seychelles...wer all my troubles began.
Current Location:Montagne Posee, Mahe, Seychelles...wer all my troubles continue.
Eye Color:Hazel/Green/Gold, depends how der feelin...capricious bastards.
Hair Color:Darketh Browneth
Height:5 foot somethin', close enough i spose.
Weight:of the world on my friken shoulders.
What's Your....
Zodiac Sign:Sagittarius..i'll baz you righ' out mate.
Ethnicity:French/Italian/British/African/Norse/Indian/Spanish, i am the personification of a multicultural organisation.
Body Type:Slim i spose...well i certainly didn't eat all the pies.
Favorite Food:LASAGNA!!!
Favorite Drink:Alcoholic? Make yourself clear fewl.
Baseball Team:Tch...*Larfs her Arse Off*
(when) Bedtime:*raises eyebrows ironically then kicks stoopid computer*
Favorite Color(s):Turquoise and Burple
Favorite Letter:One that preferably has not been opened by drug-squad
Favorite Number:(+248) 777666, KC's mobile, so flippin easy to remember.
Candy:Who the fark cares?
Favorite Animal:Le Tigre, grrrrr.....
Favorite Messenger:Hermes, i love his toga.
Favorite Store:well not bloody Billabong...ARGH!
Most Missed Memory:uhhh....
Best Physical Feature:My eye freckle. Dumb shit.
Overused Phrase:Anyway.
First Thought Waking Up:Oh Lord...
Goal for this year:to succeed in shutting those bastard cicadas up.
Weakness:kRaZZeE rEgGae RasTAfariAnS Mahn! Jah Bless.
Fears:What are yours? Mwahahahahaha!
Heritage:i am NOT going all the way back up to copy and paste my Ethnicity. Why dont you bastards put everything in the rite place?!
Longest Relationship:Dont change the subject!! I KNOW WER YOU LIVE!
School's Name:*Shoots self through head with a harpoon*
Favorite TV Show:THEEEEE SIMPSONSSSSS! Doo doo doo dut doo doo dut doodoodoodoo.
Have You Ever....
Drank:I am not a camel
Smoked:nor a friken chimney
Dyed Your Hair:Yes..fewl.
Tried To Do The Splits:Yes, i dislocated my hip.
Tried To Do A Backbend:Thankfully yes.
Tried To Do A Cartwheel:Oh, do i look like i need a broken neck?
Tried To Do A Handstand:It resulted in a broken coffee table and a split pair of mothers.
Tried To Act Perfect:I have come to the conclusion that i am not the sporty type.
Get A Detention Of Any Kind From Not Doin Anything:Yes, i do nothing most of the time so detention was the only way to get me "out there.", Fuckin' idiots.
Skinny Dipped:Yes sir.
Had Sex:Ar you a wanker?
Kissed/Huged An Opposite Sex:same question applies.
Kissed/Huged The Same Sex As You:you astound me
Been Dumped:HA HA HA HA HA
Done Drugs:You smoke chocolate cigars dont you?
Had A Boyfriend/Girlfriend:both *cheezy grin*....*then gets out the harpoon gun*
Ate Sushi:*hurls up her breakfast*
Loved Someone:who hasn't?...Apart from hitler.
In A Guy/Gurl....
Fav Eye Color:Haze, Green or pitch blackl
Fav Hair Color:Dark brown or that flat out white blond. That is actually white but not in an old pedofile way. Full of youf. Ya dig?
Short or Long Hair:Neither, more anime, but not with the spikes that could take your eye out.
Height:hmmm...not so tall that i gotta go fetch a foot stool everytime i wana kiss him.
Weight:Your kiddin rite?
Looks Or Personality:F.U.N.N.Y, kRaZzEE MAhn, Jah Bless.
Love or Money:wat about, love AND money? Ey? Ey? nah..jus kidding...L'AMOURRRRR!
Hot Or Cute:Bofe please.
Drugs and/or Alcohol:Ar you offering?
Muscular or Really Skinny:in da middle mahn.
Sexy or Shmexy----> lmao!:Lay off the crack sweetheart.
Random...:Vaaat do joo zink??
How Do You Want To Die?:In a wooden crate.
What country do you want to Visit:Ireland, Scotland, Enland NOT Wales, Iceland , Greek and Disney Land..whoopie!!
Been to the Mall Lately:hemhem...i'll repeat myself.. THERE ARE NO SHOPS IN THE SEYCHELLES!!
Do you like Thunderstorms:I live for them, they work a hell of alot better than a toaster or hairdrier
Shower Daily:YOU my friend are on some form of medication.
Do you Sing:Constantly..
Want to go to College:huh.
Shoes:I am on my bed you crackhead.
Make-Up:Possibly, maybe some eyeliner from last nite.
Hair Do:Free and unbrushed, it is 8:30, i am not Mariah Carey
Phone:Is sadly not ringing
Phone Number:Fuck you.
Location:The fuckin islands of Paradise, have joint.*hand crackhead the weedrole*
Weather:I have yet to open the curtains.
Website(s):*loads harpoon gun and fires at crackhead*
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You've been totally Bzoink*d


Gee, the list would be never ending....

I can write with my feet....well, sort of.

HOMER! Hannibal Lecter. John Cleese, the three biggest geniuses ever to walk the earth.

Username:indigo-bowling-shoes (user #140648)
Interests:(4) crazzee ppl., felines, guitar, music
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Created:2006-01-08 04:19:23
I smoke:Never
I drink:Sometimes
Body Type:Petite
Education:In High School
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships
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