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hmm so about me. im 5'5" blonde hair, blue eyed cutie pie. i love to have fun and can pretty much make anything i want to fun. i have two of the very best friends in the world. i am jacksonville beach local girl who is trying to figure out who i am. i love my family and my friends. i thought i knew who i was and want i wanted to do with my life, and well lets just say im not so sure anymore. i love to drink, although 9 times out of 10 it gets the best of me. there are certain bars i cant go into anymore because i do show my ass sometimes when i drink. i loveto surf, i just dont get out there enough like i use to. i love my roommate, (you are my b e s t friend), and our crazy little disfunctional family. i lovethe drunken hot tub nights :) some of which shall not be spoken of. . . i love my tripod!! oh yea, i also am in love with my puppy, my tattooes, & beer pong! i try to live life to the fullest and try not to dwell in the past, although i do. i am a total girly girl and i believe in signs. i also feel that music can get you through any hard point in your life. i dont loveso much bitchy girls, liars, & posers! all 3 of the above aggervate me! i believe in kaurma, and yea she can be a bitch. im not a bitch & im not mean, im honest. if i like you then your safe, but if i dont, trust me- you will know! i also dont like having my heart broken! that sucks. i love big everything. . . earrings, belts, trucks, etc. ;), but hey please keep that G- Rated & for all those who know me you know that one of those comments was bullshit & it wasnt the first one. i do believe good guys finish first & that more so they only are real in fairy tales. i also think it is fair to say the only thing a girl should chase is a shot! im very spoiled and very opinionated, but can take construstive criticism, unless im drunk. i live for life, i dont let my life live me. ive changed some things in my life for the better, and for now it all works. i love being lazy, but i always complain i want to go out and do something. i also am a very easy-going girl, yet I can be the party girl, that sometimes can take it too far and to all those who put up with me when I am like that, THANK YOU! i hate waiting for things, yet i hate how fast time goes by! I get bored easily, and my attention span, huh lets just say unless you impacted my life I probably wont remember you, SORRY! Don't bullshit me, I have already had enough, THANKS!! i love happy hour & 2 4 1's! Fake ids are the best!! i am so thankful for everything i have and am just trying to live my lfe as each day comes and goes. i have learned one thing, if ya smile, you will get through it all :)

i would have to say my family, friends, boyfriend, my puppy, and food. i love to watch movies and i absolutely love the sopranos and big love... sunday night bitches!

Username:barbiegirl12 (user #169963)
Interests:(11) dancing, family, friends, hanging out, movies, music, my boyfriend, my puppies, surfing, tv, wakeboarding
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Created:2006-05-07 14:28:57
I smoke:Sometimes
I drink:Regularly
Body Type:Petite
Education:In College

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