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Self Overview:
Been married for 11 1/2 yrs..have a son who is 10 & a 14 yr.old daughter..We have a blk & white Boston Terrier,Cooper,a blk Lab,Dakota & 2 orange cats,Tiger & Goldie.We live in a beautiful house with a pool.We are avid Florida Gator fans.I used to be a registered nurse but I am a SAHM by choice now altho I work @ health fairs to keep my nursing license up to date.I enjoy shopping,writing poetry,reading,scrapbooking,getting online,Facebook,I have a blog,Pinterest & I love to draw & pant btw my display pic is something I drew & painted dolphins,lighthouses,palm trees,the beach,swimming in our pool,dogs,cats,movies,music,bubble baths,cappucino,Dr Pepper,flip flops,scented candles,Bath & Body Works stuff,sleeping in,staying up late,chocolates,roses,purses,zebra print,cooking,baking,crablegs,Mexican,Chinese & Italian food,camping,manicures,massages,breakfast in bed,etc etc..I eat WAY too much candy & drink WAY too much caffeine.I live my life to the fullest every single day!

to be the best wife & mom!

to go on a Hawaiian cruise,swim with the dolphins & learn to play violin

GED,CNA, RN for many years,graduated college-(Magna Cum Laude) with hubby & kids

color pink,dolphins,lighthouses,palm trees,the beach,seagulls,ying yans,ice cream,yogurt,sour candy & crablegs

Username:bluedolphin74 (user #344513)
Name:Shay Cain
Location:Georgia, United States
Interests:(1) swimming,biking,movies,music,walking,working out,video games,minatire golf,tennis,reading,writing,scrapbooking,painting,surfing the web,Facebook,pinterest,blogging,cooking,baking,hanging with friends & spending time with fam.
Last Login:Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Created:2012-04-25 10:14:48
I smoke:Never
I drink:Sometimes
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Athletic
Children:Have Kids
Education:College Grad
Living:No Answer
Occupation:SAHM & Domestic Goddess

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Are you spoiled?

your own computer:: Y
ipod:: N
cell phone:: Y
boyfriend or girlfriend:: N I'm married

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Baby, I Was Born This Way..

Whens the last time you went shopping?: IDR
What room are you currently in?: Bedroom
What time is it?: 9:55pm
Wheres your dad?: In heaven

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random it up, baby!

What's your favorite Thanksgiving food?: Dressing & gravy
Do you like Techno music?: Not really
Isn't it annoying when skinny girls say they're fat?: Yea
Have you ever been drunk?: Yea

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Cheers to freaking weekend!

Hi there darling, what's your name?: Sharron
Are you a fan of rollercoasters?: Yea
Have you ever tried to speak with an accent?: Yea
Do you steal those little shampoo bottles from hotels?: No

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So this is who I am.

Do you still enjoy eating ice-cream in the winter?: Yea
Do you swear a lot?: No
Have you ever been told off for swearing at school/work?: No
Has someone of the opposite sex made you smile recently?: Yea

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whoa fun fun

what state are you in?: Georgia
what time is it?: 9:25pm
is it raining outside?: Yea
are you going to be sleeping in 5 hours?: Yea

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