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Self Overview:
"I Am All I Trust. !"Straight Forwarddd, I Don't Know What I Want In Lifee, I'm Still Figuring That Out. ! I'm Trying My Hardest To Make Life Mine And Only Mine. ! I'm More Than Just A Typed Out Paragraph. ! I Don't Tolerate Bullshit Or Drama, Seriously Grow The Fuck Up. ! I Speak My Mind, And Tell It Like It Is, It's Better That Way. ! I'm Always Myself Aroundd Everyone And Anyone. ! I Will Not Change For Anyone, I Am Who I Am, And Your Approval Isn't Needed, Take Me Or Leave Me, It's Not Effecting Me Either Way. ! :) You Can Say What You Want About Me, I Don't Care, But If I Confront You About It, At Least Have The Audacity To Tell Me To My Face. ! If I Don't Like You, I'll Tell You Straight Up. ! I Tenddd To Get Pissed Easily, And I Do Have A Temperr. ! I Tenddd To Flirt. ! I Love My Friends And Family, Fuck With Them, You're Fucking With Me. ! I Love Football, Parties, Music, Singing, Dancing, Writing, Having A Good Time, Marijuana<3, Mountain Dew, The Eagles, Bob Marley, Make Up, Lil Wayne<3, Post It Notes, Quotes, Pizza, Eminem<3, Taking Too Many Pictures, Inside Jokes With The Bestfriendd, The Colors, Black, Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Orange, And Hawt Pink, Comments, Summmmer, A Day To Remember, Three Days Grace, Hollywood Undead, BrokenCYDE, And Bullet For My Valentine. ! I Hate Liars, Cheaters, Fakes, Users, Stealers, Messages, Backstabbers, And Certain People. ! I'm Afraid Of Clowns, Spiders, The Dark, Perfection, And Being Rejected. ! Welcome To My Life, Don't Fuck It Up. ! :)

Just to be happy.

I've Done Nothing Accomplishing In My Life.

Friends, Music, Writing, Drawing, Chyllin, Being Myself.

Username:brokenxinsidex3 (user #327423)
Interests:(3) Frienddds, Music, Writing and Drawing.
Last Login:Friday, February 5, 2010
Created:2009-05-01 17:10:27
I smoke:Regularly
I drink:Sometimes
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Average
Education:In High School

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