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Self Overview:
Hi!I'm a 29 year old female dominatrix from Portland, Maine. I'm very much into BDSM...I lean more into B&D more then S&M though. I am into many thing's. I get called "goth" alot because I dress in dark and fetish clothes. I'm also somewhat nocturnal. I LOVE music and dancing. I am very much into Industrial, EBM, Electro, Synth pop, Gothic, Dark Wave, Old School Punk, Riot grrl, Some Indie and some alternative.Here is some of my info: I am looking for a submissive person who is living in or near Portland. As I do not drive. I am a very respectful and protective over my sub's. Alway's have been, alway's will be. I would like someone who is into B&D...Nipple play would be a fantabulous plus. I have a pretty open mind. SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT... I understand everyone has their own fetishes, but do you understand that as a mistress you would be wanting to be satisfing what I want and need as well? Have you checked out my kink's in my profile at all? If not please do. If you are into them I would like to talk and would like to know what it is thatyouwould be wanting to do to "please me". I get what other's like...now what would/could you do for me? How do you look at the female domme? As the higher being? A goddess? Someone to be admire, respected, and feel privlidged just be to be able to get a chance to worship her? To please here in any...and I mean any way you can??? Then write me...maybe your dreams, thoughts, fetishes, fantasiesand/or wet dreams can come true....if you can make mine come true first;).

To live life to the fullest, be happy, I found my "love" and am now looking for the perfect sub/slave. Are you out there. Male or female, I like to dominate both!

I am currently in a relationship and not looking for anything more then friends and submissives/slaves. My Ideal Person: I am looking for a submissive person who is living in or near Portland, ME. As I do not drive. I am a very respectful and protective over my sub's. Alway's have been, alway's will be. I would like someone who is into B&D...Nipple play would be a fantabulous plus. I have a pretty open mind. Please don't respond to this if you are below the age of 18 or over the age of 39.

Alternative / fetish model & dominatrix

alternative modeling, BDSM, bi sexual, bondage, corsets, covenant, dancing, dominating, domme, drawing, ebm, electro, exorcist, extremely liberal, faithful, fear, fetish, freak, goth, gothic, horror, horror movies, industrial, movies, music, nipple clamps, opinionated, photography, plaid skirts, platforms, punk, pvc, reading, renne gowns, southern maine, sweet, synth pop, vampire, vnv nation, wolfsheim, wumpscut, 24/7 (Total Power Exchange) Being Dominate(DOMME, DOMINA, MISTRESS, GODDESS) Asphyxiaphilia (Breath Play), Biting, Body worship, Bondage, Breast/Nipple Torture, Chastity Devices, Collar & Lead/Leash, Confinement/Caging, Cross dressing, Defilement, Depilation/Shaving, Electrotorture, Food Play, Foot/shoe worship, Genital torture, Hair pulling, Hot wax, Kidnapping, Needle play, Physical humiliation, Piercing, Role Play, Sensory deprivation, Slapping the face, Spanking, Suspension, Tickling games, Verbal humiliation, Voyeurism, Whipping AND MUCH, MUCH MORE;)

Username:buttercupgrrl (user #159341)
Interests:(154) Aghast View, American beauty, American psycho, Amityville horror, Anal Cunt, And One, Android Lust, Angels & Agony, Anti-Product, Apoptygma Berzerk, Assemblage 23, Babe's in Toyland, Bauhaus, Beborn Beton, Big Meat Hammer, Bikini Kill, Bjork, Blatz, Blitz, Blondie, Blutengel, Cemetery Man, Ceres, Cleaner, Cleen, Cold Play, Constantine, Covenant, Crass, Cruxshadows, Culture Kultur, D.I., D.O.A, Dan Brown, Das Ich, De Vision, Dead Kennedy's, Die Form, Din Fiv, Dirt, Edward Scissorhands, Escape from New York, etc MOVIES: Nekromantik, Evils Toy, Exploited, FEAR, Feindflug, Filth, Frontline Assembly, Funker Vogt, fushigi yuugi, G.G. Allin, Gary Numan, God is my Co-Pilot, Godsend, Haujobb, Hellboy, Hide and seek, Hocico, House of 1,000 corpses, In Strict Confidence, Jack Off Jill, Janes Addiction, Jawbreaker, Julie Ruin, Kill bill, Kirlian Camera, kraftwerk, Le Tigre, Leather Strip, London After Midnight, Lords Of Acid, M.O.D., Mazzy Star, Melotron, Mesh, Mike Ness, Misfits, Morbid Angel, Morrissey, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, MUSIC: Front 242, My Dying Bride, My neighbor Totoro, Nekromantik, New Order, Nightmare before christmas, Nitzer Ebb, NOFX, Nurse with Wound, Office Space, Oi Polloi, Old school, One Way System, Paradise Lost, paranomal studies. I also like Anne Rice, Pink Poo Doll's, Pixie's, Plasmatics, Project Pitchfork, Pulp Fiction...and SO much more!!! BOOKS: I am extremly into anything by Konstantinos... in fact I belive I have all of his books. I'm very into the metaphysical, Radio Head, Ranma, Razed In Black, Ringu, Rosemary's baby, Sex Pistol's, Sham 69, Siouxsie and the Banchee's, Skinny Puppy, Slit's, Snoop Dogg, Social Distortion, Spirited away, Staind, State Machine, Stephen King (Hey! I am from Maine=) and many others. I also LOVE anything with BDSM erotica ;). I also do some writing myself. Mostly poems. I've had 2 poems published so far and want to write a book. We'll see how far that goes, Subhumans, Susperia, Switchblade Symphony, te-he=)!, The Business, The Casualties, The Clash, The Cramps, The Cure, The Damned, The Donna's, The doom generation, The Exorcist, The Germs, The grudge, The others, The people under the stairs, The Ramone's, The ring, The shining, The Stooge's, The Young Gods, Total Chaos, Toxic Narcotic, TSOL, Unseen, Vandals, Varukers, Velvet Acid Christ, VNV Nation, Wesley Willis, Whatever happened to baby jane?, Wicker Park, Wolfsheim, Wumpscut, X-Ray Spex, Zoolander
Last Login:Wednesday, January 10, 2007
Created:2006-03-16 03:01:54
I smoke:Never
I drink:Sometimes
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Petite
Education:Some College
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships
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