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I'm Calix, also known as xylael some places in the vast land of Internetia. I draw overly pretty men, write some mansmut, and kick major ass. It's a crime to be so cool.

I want my ethnicity to display as White/Asian, but apparently multiracial people have to be Other...! And the whole "Religon" thing peeves me because I'm a total spelling nazi. I want to correct that so badly. >>

Username:calix (user #284799)
Interests:(80) alchemy, astrology, astronomy, beauty, bells, biology, biseinen, bishounen, BL, black, board games, cake, Carnival, Chococat, constellations, cookies, costumes, cryptozoology, dark fantasy, demons, dolls, drawing, eating babies, elegance, elements, Engrish, fairy tales, fantasy, fog, forensics, French, gemstones, girly stuff, grammar, great hair, Hangul, incubi/succubi, Klaha, languages, linguistics, magic, manga, manhwa, masks, music, my seme, mythical creatures, mythology, names, nature, night, Paganism, Park Sang Sun, planets, pretty men, Prince Marth, punching people, red, ribbons, roleplaying, Sailor Moon, Sanrio, science, shounen-ai, singing badly, smutty thoughts, spelling, stars, swordcanes, tarot, the moon, the sky, twincest, vampires, video games, villainy, white, writing, yaoi, yuri
Last Login:Monday, June 2, 2008
Created:2007-11-11 23:14:26
I smoke:Never
I drink:Never
Body Type:Average
Education:In College

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