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i'm a kid. i'm young dumb, and don't want to grow up (as you can tell from some of the groups i'm in). i love video games, cartoons, and comics. i'm a procrastinator, and but when i finally do do something, it's the best shyt you've ever seen. i'm actually pretty humble, ty to be fair, and i'm friendly. i'll do pretty much anything needed of me, and be happy to help. i love my fam. and my idea of fam extends far beyond the norm.

to survive, and make sure my kids have an easy fun life.

see goals. more specifics for both will come later.

i've survived this long. more specifics will come later.

a quick (random) list of faves: SUPERHERO: Spiderman (i call 'em Pete) FOOD: potatoes LOVE SONG: You're all i need to get by (both versions) CARTOON: FLCL DRINK: TIE: coffee/orange juice SHOES: Shawn Carters BACKPACKS: Eastbay VIDEO GAME: TIE: Devil May Cry/Viewtiful Joe LIVE ACTION TV SHOW: Scrubs BODY PRODUCT: Axe Body Spray Deodorant PERSON: don't act like i've never told you. you know who you are *winks* BODY PART ON A WOMAN: lips COLOR: cyan (think . . . sky blue) SUPERPOWER: fire powers PIECE OF CLOTHING: TIE: hoody/robe/sweatpants CARTOON CHARACTER: TIE: buster bunny/yacko warner TOY: my old Spidey action figure, with the black costume RAPPER: talib kweli HAIR: TIE: dreads and Ďfros BRAND: Adidas SINGER: amerie (Iíll introduce MY one thing to your nanananana, OH) CARTOON VOICE ACTOR: TIE: david hayter/mark hamill/steven jay blum/tara strong SCHOOL SUBJECT: math LITTLE KNOWN FACT OF THE MOMENT: I like the powerpuff girls cartoon PAST TYME: watching cartoons, internet forum posting, playing playstation, and reading comic books at once PEN: ball point, bic CARTOON CATCHPHRASE: SCANDALOUS (actually, pretty much anything that four or more people say in unison on Recess) TYME OF DAY: dawn

Username:carterboy (user #126322)
Interests:(7) and internet forums., books, chess, comics, music, playstation, writing
Last Login:Thursday, November 10, 2005
Created:2005-11-10 02:21:57
I smoke:Regularly
I drink:Sometimes
Ethnicity:Black or African Descent
Body Type:Average
Education:In College
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships
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