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Self Overview:
brown hair, blue/green/grey/hazel eyes (yes, natural) labeled Gothic by others, but i do not label myself... i am a wiccan and a satanist

find an Axe player (guitarist) for my Death/Thrash metal band The Spawn of Satan

Shagrath (lead singer of Dimmu Borgir)

i dont fucking know

BANDS: *Dimmu Borgir *Into Eternity *Blind Guardian *Nile *Dethklok (off of the show Metalocalypse) *Mendeed *Graveworm *Beneath the Flesh *Cryptopsy *Dirty Satanists *Nevermore *From The Shallows *Deeds of Flesh *Slayer *Abattoir *Spineshank *Luciferion *Death *Abigor *Sarcophagus *Sodom *Rotting Christ *Pentagram *Abraxas *Pestilence *Voivod *Bloodlined Calligraphy *Torturer *Sinister *The Accused *Accuser *Rigor Mortis *Napalm Death *Infernum *Morbid Angel *Kataklysm *Mortiis *Luciferion *Marduk *Martyr *Mayhem *Merciless *Grotesque *Decoded Feedback *Android Lust *Anathema Device *Bloodroot *Secret Secret *Godflesh *Bathory *Behemoth *Candlemass *Carcass *Celtic Frost *Corrosion of Conformity *Cryptic Slaughter *Incantation *Hypocrisy *Hellhammer *Hades *Gutted *Dismember *Dissection *Emperor *Demigod *Entombed *Exhumed *Amorphis *At The Gates *Abomination *The Abyss *Angelcorpse *Atheist *Pantera *Fracture Point *Society 1 *Hammerfall *Rammstein *Iced Earth *Vile Order *LYZANXIA *Cephalic Carnage *It Dies Today *Opeth *All That Remains *Alice in Chains *Nirvana *Cellador *High on Fire *Haste the Day *Bloodsimple *The Deftones *Slayer *Buried in Black *Dark Funeral *Aborted *Wumpscut *Cradle of Filth *Lacuna Coil *Evanescence *Bullet for my Valentine *Immortal *Covenant *Demons & Wizards *Dragonland *Amon Amarth *Gorgoroth *Sepultura *Ruination *Meshuggah *Static-X *Deadstar Assembly *Dope Stars, Inc. *Slipknot *Disturbed *Venom *Lair Of The Minotaur *Dragonforce *Pig Destroyer *Black Sabbath *Burzum *Arch Enemy *Cryptopsy *Sotajumala *Death Beast *Vader *Megadeth *Metallica *Kreator *Reverend Agony *13 Winters *Methodical *Unholy Ghost *The Pain Machinery *URN *Dismal *Moulin Noir *Nox Arcana *Collide *Powerman 5000 *Pzychobitch *Nebula-H *Icon Of Coil *Null Factor *Jute *Flutter *Injury *Predella Avant *Impaled Nazarene *Implant *Earth Loop Recall *Promonium Jesters *Melechesh *Mephisto Walz *Error *Emulsion *Unto Ashes *Drake *Minefield *Tristraum *Chimaira *Agonize *Acheron *Atmosfear *Stratovarius *Infekktion *Hypnoskull *Imperative Reaction *Cruciform Injection *Filament 38 *Emergence *Yavin 4 *The Birthday Massacre *Suicide Commando *Avantasia *Blutengel *Z Prochek *Rammstein *Avernus *Nine Inch Nails *Marilyn Manson *Rob Zombie *Allegiance *Shadowkeep *White Zombie *Depeche Mode *Angels & Agony *Agalloch *Shape of Despair *Altaria *Clan Of Xymox *Laibach *Hallion *Agathodaimon *Silentium *Savage Steel *Cannibal Corpse *Carnal Forge *Asphyx *Children Of Bodom *Dark Tranquility *Finntroll *Anacrusis *Sadus *Autopsy *Solitude Aeturnus *Saturnus *Agiel *Helloween *Kreator *Marduk *Mayhem *Malevolent Creation *Ahoora *Moonspell *The Panic Channel *Aseidad *Hinder *Morbid Angel *Airdash *Obituary *Omen *Ashes You Leave *Slayer *Sinister *Vehemence *Silent Force *Witchery *Afterworld *Wolfsheim *Angel Dust *Black Label Society *After Forever

Username:cemetarygates666 (user #208479)
Interests:(9) and drums.... and i like to be adventurous and devious, bass, bmx, headbanging, moshing, paintball, playing guitar, singing/growling for my band, skateboarding
Last Login:Sunday, October 29, 2006
Created:2006-10-29 17:17:33
I smoke:Sometimes
I drink:Sometimes
Education:In High School

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