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Sup =] I Love Linkin Park!, Chester Bennington Is God, Lol. Rock On [LP] Minutes To Midnight. I <3 Most Music, But Not Hip - Hop, Chavvy Stuff, Dance. Just Good Ole Rock HeHe!. Music Is My Life, x <3 =]

To Meet Linkin Park!, Spend A Day With Them, Or At Least Id Love To Talk With Them HaHa. Over Obsessive!?

+ Chester Bennington, + Linkin Park, + Linkin Park To Do A World Tour, + Move To The States, + To Go To Club Tattoo, + Meet Many People, + Have Fun Lol XD As You Do =P


Linkin Park,, Oh Yes. Yet Again. Ohwell How Cant You Like Them?. Smexii [LP]

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Interests:(30) Art, Bennoda, Black Eyeliner, Brad Delson, Chester Bennington, Converse, Cyber, DCShoeCo, Evanescence, Fort Minor, Goth, Guitars, Having Fun., Hybrid Theory, Ipod, Joe Hahn, Linkin Park, Linkin Park, Meteora, Mike Shinoda, Minutes To Midnight, Music, Nu Metal, Phi Phi, Punk, Rap Rock, Rob, Rock Music, Rocking Out, Vans
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