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Hey! My name is Rebekah Margarete Zupi! I live in Ypsilanti Michigan. I will be going to Lhs this year. I will be a freshman finaly =) I live with my mom elyse and my dad curt. I love my mom! She is awesome! I dont get along with my father though. Oh well. Anyway, I was boorn on July 10th 1994! I am now a 14 year old! So, like, Iím really strange, possibly a FREAKK but thatís ok with Iím a complete air head!! =D I like crazy things; I donít like the same old same old, itís boring. =p oh I LOVE video games, anime, and manga!!!! I really really love to dye my hair...and I love taking pictures. I'm not a pretty person. I dislike the way I look but that is just the way I am. Yeah I guess you could say i'm fat but whatever. I dont care about what others think =D I can be a totaly sweet girl, or I can be a complet bitch. I'm moody, it's just how I am. =) I love myspace and youtube! add meh on myspace mmk?

1.) To learn to love myself. I am who I am. Why should I try to change that? I just need to exsept it and start enjoying life as it is now. nothing lasts forever. 2.) To become a wrighter. I have a passion for wrighting. If i work hard maybe i can actuly do something with my life. 3.) To learn what true love is. I got a new far things are going good...but am i to young to really fall in love? i need to figure this out...

1.)I want a family who acepts me and my friends...Everyone in my family beside my mom acts difrently around me. And to be honest i feel unwanted. I want to be loved too. Not outcasted. 2.)I want my friends and mom to always be happy. I want them to enjoy liveing more then some of them do. I want to give them happyness. I want them to smile because they are truely happy. 3.) I want hateful fealings from people to go away. Life is to short to wast on bad fealings. I'm sorry but i think that some people don't even think of it that way... 4.) I want to fine true love, and i want it to never end. I want him to be happy...but i also want to be happy. i want the feelings we have now to stay...i want to always be his one...his only. 5.) I want to dream again. I have had nothing but nightmares since I was six. For once I would like to wake up happy. 6.) I want to have a perfect memory. So i will never forget the times i have shared with my loved ones, good or bad. No matter what i don't want to forget. I want to remember it all. Forever... basicly i want inposible things. but i want always hope i guess... =)

I'm alive. I can smile a real smile. I dont despise myself anymore. I have someone to love. I'm not scared to be myself . i found my voice and now i speek my mind. =)

Favorite... Color?: Black, Dark Purple, And Crimson. Animal?: Panda, kittys, White tiger, Wolf, And Fox! Food?: Lobster Drink?: MONSTER Clothing Store?: Hot Topic Flower?: a black rose Anime?: Death note, Fruits basket, And Naruto. Manga?: Same as above =) Video Game?: Fatal Frame 1,2, and 3! Movie?: Silent Hill and Funny games. =)

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