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Hello my full name is Danielle Edi Devange, but you can call me Dani or Beani. I am single, But i dont really love it. I love to play my guitar, and flute. I also love to sing! I really want a carrer in music. Im in S.a.d.d Wich stands for Students Against Destrucitve Decisions. No, its not Students Against Drunk Driving. They canceled that. I really want a Boy friend! So Badley! I love my mom and brother! They are my life! I am in Drama Club, well.... not any More because we finished our Spring Play called Island Reality. It was so much fun! If you cant respect me, and be my friend for who I am, and not what i wear..We are going to have issues, and you are not worth my time if you think you are. I dont see Eye to eye with my father. I think its just we both have strong opinons. I am highley against Drugs and Alcohol. I hate the thaught of even doing them. And for all of you who think,"Oh yea? Well she will do them eventually." I say to you, NO I WONT! I hate them! And i will not use them, even if you tie me down and threten to kill me! I hate them ! HATE HATE HATE THEM!I also hate wanna-bees. I have a cousin in the ARMY who will be deployed in Febuary. :*( Even though i dont want him to. I love my family, and that will always be...Even if we are a little nuttey! ;) Love, Dani

I would like to be a musician someday

Trever, Peace, Love, Family

I can play the Flute, guitar, and i can play a scale on the Saxiphone

I love the show,"Whos line is it anyways?" My fave. Music Genra is Country, i love the rythem, and i just like Country, Period!

Username:danirockstheflute (user #310530)
Interests:(9) Being silly, Country music, Family, Flute, Friends, Guitar, Learning new instroments......, Music, Trever.......
Last Login:Sunday, May 1, 2011
Created:2008-07-02 18:02:29
I smoke:Never
I drink:Never
Education:In High School

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