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im A 15 yEar oLd piEcE oF tRasH.. i sMiLe LikE a sAinT bUt i CurSe LikE a sAiLoR.. iM a fRustRatEd dRumMer, i LovE taLkiNg tO mYseLf.. iM kiNd oF wEirD aNd a biT oF aNtisOciaL, i dOnt LikE tHe feELinG oF rEjeCtiOn.. i love wAstiNg mY tYm dOinG nOtHing, i LovE nOisE.. mUsiC iS mY LifE.. i hAte pEopLe wHo tAkEs mE fOr gRanTed.. i hAtE oUr PresiDeNt.. i liKe gOinG tO cOncErtS.. i doNt LikE tHe fEeLinG oF bEinG oUt oF pLacE.. i LovE cHocOlatEs.. i cAnt sTanD aNykiNd oF pAiN... iM aN aDdiCt... i dONt bELievE iN pRieSt anD rOsaRy.. iM nOnsEnsE.. i cAnT fiNd mYseLf... iM tALenTleSs.. i dOnT liKe bEinG fOrcEd tO dO tHe thinGs i dOnt LikE.. im bOreD oF bEinG bOreD.. iM tiReD oF cRyinG.. i dont LikE tHe feELiNg oF bEinG LefT oUt.. i haTe tHe pEopLe thAt miSuNdeRstOod mE.. i dOnt eAt aNy kiNd oF vEgEtAbLes.. i hAte siLenCe.. lOve tHe niGhT.. iM iNteResTed aBoUt psYcHoS aNd aNticHriSt.. i LovE mAriLyN mAnsOn aNd hiS mUsiC.. i miSs mY mOm.. iM a mOviE adDicT.. im maD aBoUt piLloWs.. i hAtE pEopLe wHo maKeS mY LifE FuCkiNg haRdEr... i liKe bEinG aLone.. iM nOt inTo sPorTS.. i hAtE pRejUdiCe.. pOlitiCs sUcKs!!!! i hAtE LiaRs aNd cArEer pErsOnS...

FinNish mY stUdies. be a psYchiAtriSt oR a LAwyEr..

PilLowS!, ChoCOlatEs, bOwLinG, mOvieS, sTarS, mOon, bLack and piNk tOgethEr, mUsiC, mAriLyn ManSOn, YOU, ARts, cAts, PsycHos, piAno, pEns, bOoks, mY diAriEs, nOisE, ComeDy, hOrRor, mOneY, ipOd, LaptOp, iAn tAyaO...

cOokiEs aNd CreAm.. piLlowS.. PinK aNd bLacK.. bLue, rEd, oRangE, gOld.. mOvieS.. mUsic.. maRILyn mAnsOn.. MAtH aNd eNgLish.. cElLphOne... mAngO... QuEzo...

Username:darkscenery (user #202504)
Interests:(26) aNticHrisTs, aRt sTufFs, banDs, bLacK, bOokS, bOwLing, bRutaLiTy, cAts, cHocOlatEs, cOokieS, deAth, eMo mUsiC, eMoBoi, gUitArs, iCe crEam, mOvieS, mUsiC, niGhT, nOisE, piANo, psYchOs, QueZo (iAn tAyaO )..., stArs, thE moOn, WastiNg tiMe dOing nOthiNg, wEird
Last Login:Saturday, March 10, 2007
Created:2006-09-29 02:26:59
I smoke:Never
I drink:Sometimes
Body Type:No Answer
Education:In High School
Wouldn't Mind:Dating

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