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Rocker. No more, no less. I'm bi, but I'm practically a lesbian, about 90% lesbian and 10% bi, but I guess that makes me bi. I used to be in a band but we had problems with a few of the members so we broke up. Now, I'm looking to be in a new one. I play bass guitar. I've got an Ibanez bass guitar, a Fender hard case, a mic, a Theary Grand Piano, and an Armstrong silver plated flute. Yeah, music is my life. I'm a band fag and proud of it. I was in marching band my freshman year, and I've been in Pep band every year that I've been in high school, and I sit first chair in Varsity Band. That's right, I get to boss around a bunch of annoying brats that sit in my section. Oh, the power. >.< I listen to almost every ganre of rock so you can't call me a poser, I like damn near everything. Hell, I even love techno and yes... opera! I hate video games, christians, homophobes, my boring-nothing here-shit faced town, and computer viruses. I love to RPG, I've written a few stories, and one of them is on it's way to becoming published. I've had my poety published before on numerous occasions by different publishing companies, so I guess that makes me a damn good poet. And as you can tell, I have extremely bad language. But it still pisses me off when you use incorrect grammar when typing. There's a reason we all sat through those dumb English classes. And I DONT like Invader Zim or Foamy so all you "teeny-bopper goths" can just FUCK OFF!!!

To be a famous bass guitarist or singer. Hell, to be fucking famous period. I'm also going into a career in music video direction and production. I run a small music video production studio from home and have created quite a few at this very computer. Keep an eye out for Spyke Productions.

Isn't that the same as goals? Oh, yeah... I "want" a hispanic girl! They're so damn sexy!

Learned 2 languages, learned 6 instruments, and have the most loyal friends in the world.

Band: The Used ///// Song: The Taste of Ink ///// Food: mexican ///// Season: fall ///// Holiday: Halloween

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